Mini-view: Nick Wey

Nick Wey is having a privateer’s dream season. He has finished on the podium not once, but twice, and finished in the top-five in the premier Supercross Class on numerous occasions. His first podium finish came at the muddy San Francisco round, and, like you would expect, people doubted that he could do it again. Now, three months later—proving all the doubters wrong—he has landed back on the podium at round 11 in Orlando.

At a track that many thought was sandy and rough, Wey climbed up from a poor start and passed Ivan Tedesco on the last lap to steal the final podium position. For Wey, he is happy about how his season is going, and if you ask him, he plans on taking the momentum of his great Supercross run into the outdoors, where he is hoping for some more podium pie. We caught-up with Wey this week while he was out supporting James Marshall at the ride day at Glen Helen, to see what’s on his mind…

How do you feel the season has been going for you? Are you accomplishing everything that you wanted to?

The season is going pretty well, and I’m just trying to improve every week. I have quite a few top-fives and a couple podiums, so I’m just trying to keep getting better and consistently be up there with the top guys. I know I have some more work to do to get on Ricky and James’ pace, for sure, but I just want to keep focusing on where I need to be.

Have you been doing anything differently this year than last? You have Randy Lawrence as a trainer, does that help a lot?

Yeah, for sure, Randy has been helping me a lot. He’s always at the track and we’ve been really putting in hard motos, just trying to improve my speed. I think that has been a big factor, as well as the MDK/Motosport Outlet team; they have been behind me 100 percent this year. I really have the bike working well for myself.

After being on the podium in San Francisco some people said that it was a fluke because it was in the mud, but you proved them wrong in Orlando. How did it feel to be on the podium once again?

I wasn’t too concerned with people thinking that I couldn’t get on the podium again, because I knew that my speed was right there with everyone else’s. I’ve just been bummed, because at some of the other races, like Daytona and a couple other ones, I could have been on the podium with some better starts, or a little bit smarter riding on my part. I was really eager to get back on the podium, because I feel like I kind of let it slip away a couple of times.

How did the race in Orlando go for you? It seemed like you had to work your way up to that podium finish?

Yeah, I was probably sixth or seventh off the start, and I raced with Byrne there for about half the race… did you see him? (Wey points to Ricky James on the muddy Glen Helen course) Ricky James is out there in the mud! That dude is gnarly! So yeah, then I got around Byrne, and I was able to start chipping away at Ivan (Tedesco) a little bit. I picked it up a little in the whoops, and I got a little more speed towards the end. With that, I was able to get Ivan for third. I was happy with getting third, especially with my start not being so sweet. I’m hoping to get a good start this weekend and keep the ball rolling.

Where exactly did you pass Tedesco at on the last lap?

I just kind of pulled up beside him on a triple and got him in the next turn, right at the last second.

In the past you haven’t been know as a sand specialist; how were you able to do so well on the sandy course in Orlando?

It looked sandy, but it wasn’t anything that we haven’t seen before. I mean, it definitely was a different Supercross track than we have ever seen, but a lot of the jumps stayed hard and the whoops held up. With some of the ruts and everything, it was a pretty technical track.

With your podiums and numerous top-fives, have you been getting any more help from Honda?

This year we got bikes and parts from them, and we were puumped on that. I’ve just been continuing on the same deal with them. I don’t have any secret parts on my bike, or anything like that, though.

Going into outdoors where do you see yourself finishing?

I feel like I am probably in the same position that I am in Supercross. We are going to start testing here during the two-week break coming up. Last year, with my knee injury I don’t feel like I went into the outdoors very prepared, and I feel like I was playing catch up the entire time. Right now, I feel like my chances of getting on the podium in outdoors are really good too. I’m just going to keep focusing on what I’m doing, and do my best to get up there.