Miniwarriors 3


With the ceaseless amount of MX videos coming out these days, producers are forced to work every little niche that they can find to provide viewers with something different and distinct, something that separates their film from the hordes of action-sports movies out there.

The Miniwarriors series does just that. In the next installment, they continue to offer kids a glimpse of the heroes of their age group in sports like motocross, snowboarding and BMX. The video profiles some amazing athletes in a variety of locations, from Woodward, Pennsylvania to Germany.

So is it entertaining to a generation of people who aren’t in danger of losing their homework or missing the bus? Only slightly. Miniwarriors 3 has some great camera angles and some interesting action shots, but what kills it for viewers with drivers’ licenses is the lame drivel from the pre-pubescent athletes in the video. Ridiculous skits with big-name stars like McGrath are executed so poorly that we felt embarrassed FOR Jeremy while watching it.

The action is good, though, and kids in our neighborhood have been fighting each other for a chance to borrow it, which tells us one thing┬┐if you or your tyke is still buying 16-inch tires, this video will fit in well with your collection. If not, spend your 30 bucks on something more worthwhile.RATING: 6Call Point X films at 760/752-8334 or visit