Darcy Lange clinched the 2007 BooKoo Arenacross Championship Series this past weekend in Minneapolis, and now everyone’s focus is on that big score at the Mohegan Sun Casino at The US Open of Arenacross. The winner of the race will be determined from all 4 main events. The best overall score will take the top spot and so on.

For the MDK Speed Equipment – SpokeSaver sponsored Arenacross team everything looks to be dialed in for this coming weekend. With 6 podium positions and mechanical failures to boot the team is focused and ready to go.

On Friday in the 250 class things didn’t work out well for #911 Tyler Bowers where he had some suspension failure where hydraulic fluid was squirting him in the face! Needless to say Tyler did the best he could and he brought home a 12th place finish which is impressive with no front suspension.

Team rider Tyler Bowers

MDK Speed Equipment – SpokeSaver sponsored teammate Zach Ames looked fast all weekend too. With Tyler out of the picture Zach Ames moved himself into 2nd position but couldn’t advance any further. On Friday in the 450 class Tyler Bowers and Zach Ames bounced right back with two impressive finishes with Tyler Bowers in 2nd and Zach Ames right behind in 3rd.

On Saturday in the 250 class things were a little sketchy and the best Tyler Bowers could do was finish 3rd and the best Zach Ames could finish was a 12th, but they both bounced back in the 450 class where Tyler Bowers scored his 6th win of the series and Zach Ames put in another impressive ride on the weekend by finishing 3rd.

Team rider Zach Ames

With only one race left in the series the MDK Speed Equipment – SpokeSaver sponsored Arenacross team has been hands down the most dominant team in the series although the championship is lost the $50,000 is still fair game.

Once again Tyler, Zach and David want to thank all the people who make it possible for them to ride and race every week and that includes a special shout out to team manager Tim Bowers, mechanics Dave Strausbaugh, Zac Petterson and all the great team sponsors:


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