Mixtape With Jake Weimer

The Monster Energy Kawasaki racer summed his musical tastes best with one simple statement: “I’m just a white boy that loves dirty rap.”


Jake on pre-ride music…
“Before I ride, I don't care if what I listen to is fast or slow, I just like songs that are heavy. Ones that talk about working hard, how they came from nothing. Just some heavy shit.”

Jake on in-flight cuts…
“When I fly, I'll put on my Beats headphones, put it on shuffle, and go through all of it. From Lil' Wayne and all the rappers, to Metallica and AFI, I just listen to everything.”

Jake on Supercross intro song choice…
“Having a good song is important. That is big and it’s what you think of when you are an amateur kid. The best song I have ever heard was when McGrath came out to AC/DC. That was off the chain.”