Mixtape With Ken Roczen

In this new segment we find out what the sport’s top stars are listening to…

“I listen to all of the German techno and house music, and the clubs are the only party places we have there, to be honest. You call it techno here, but we have many styles and names like “Minimal” and one that has a lot of bass and a fast beat. If we go to parties, that is the kind we go to. I’m still too young to go to clubs in America, but in Germany when you are 16, you can go. They are so awesome and we have a lot of fun.”

“I don’t listen to that much stuff from Germany, just the house music. But here I listen to the hard stuff like death metal, punk rock, hip-hop, basically everything from America. It was normal for me to listen to music from here when I moved, because I have always been listening to it.”

“The sound system in my truck is important. It is already good stock and is enough, but I’m thinking of putting in a little subwoofer or something. At home I have a nice Bose sound system and I use it a lot. It’s not like I just buy it but never use it.”