Photos by Brendan Lutes and Chris Kinman

Even though he is one of the top racers in the sport, Wil Hahn is  your typical twenty-something dude. As one of the more personable riders on the gate, Hahn is down to talk about almost anything. We took one of our many opportunities to discuss what tracks are banging on his playlist.

Top Five Musicians

Lil' Wayne
Jay Cole
The Weeknd

Top Three Songs

"Stay Schemin'" Rick Ross and Drake
"100 Winners" Lil' Wayne
"We'll Be Fine" Drake

“Being a kid from Texas, everyone thinks tractors and that is what I was raised on. I am not going to lie, I have Garth Brook's CDs, so I am not immune to it. When I was young, I was really into Garth Brooks. I was a full cowboy and dressed with the hat, the button up, the Wranglers, and boots (Laughs). I am dead serious. That's part of growing up, and part of me is still there with that. But I have always been a fan of rap.”

“I'm usually too busy to go to any concerts or shows, but last year in Las Vegas I didn't race because I was hurt and went to the 50 Cent concert. That was the first concert I had ever went to and it blew my mind. I have never been involved in anything like that and it was a cool experience.”

“I have a little race day playlist, and it's just the things I think go the hardest. It's mainly Drake and Lil' Wayne, because he has some hard songs. I'd rather have something thing hard than something to chill me out.”

“I always have Skullcandy headphones. I love my Aviators, but right now I have just been running their 50/50 earbuds. I always had systems growing up but my Honda truck is bone stock, but I plan to do something to it soon.”