Mod Squad: Tom Morgan Racing Honda CR250

PRICE: $1,204 (TMR-modified carb, cylinder and head mods and dual-curve ignition box), $221 (Wiseco/Cometic piston and gaskets), $416 (Hot Rod crank and balancing from Crank Works), $144.95 (V-Force Delta reeds), $349 (FMF SST pipe and Shorty silencer)APPLICATION: 2001 CR250R

Anyone who has taken a spin on an ’01 CR250R knows that Honda really outdid themselves with their latest quarter-liter effort. The CR won TWMX’s shootout almost unanimously, and our test riders are absolutely in love with the electric feel of the CR’s potent and usable engine. Of course, being testosterone-filled guys that love fast motocross bikes, we are never happy with stock bikes, even if they are at the top of their class. Our latest quest for horsepower led to legendary mechanic and engine builder Tom Morgan’s shop. After seeing privateer Heath Voss successfully compete against the factory’s best, we decided to see for ourselves just what TMR could do to coax more ponies out of the already-fast CR. Morgan started by switching to a Kehin KX250 carburetor, ported the cylinder and modified the head, and sent the Hot Rod crank out to Crank Works for a re-balancing, just like the factory bikes. From there, TMR installed a Wiseco piston with Cometic gaskets, a Delta V-Force reed cage, and the final touch was an FMF SST pipe and Shorty silencer. Whew! With all of that work done, saying that we had high expectations of the Honda would be an understatement. Tom delivered, though, and the CR was amazing. Power was instant from the bottom, where the biggest change was felt. The TMR engine delivered substantially more torque than the stocker, and kept pulling through the gears. Clutch use on the CR was brought to an all-time low: this thing is easy to ride. The vibration was also cut down from stock, thanks to the re-balancing of the Hot Rod crank. The biggest disappointment about Tom Morgan’s bike was the price. With engine mods totaling over $2,300, TMR’s Honda is obviously only for the most scrupulous racer, but if you’ve got an extra two grand burning a hole in your pocket, this bike rips!RATING: 9Call 520/453-3188 or visit www.