Hope every one had a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve/Day celebration. How did you spend your last and first days of the old and new year? Myself, I couldn’t think of any better way to spend them, than at a track, doing what I love best: riding! Along with fellow TWMXer Pat “P-Lo” Lopez, several of my favorite riding buddies and my family, I headed north to the picturesque Zaca Station MX track, which is absolutely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever ridden a dirt bike.


Zaca Station is hosting the March 6-7 Road to Mammoth MX Qualifier, which will help streamline the entry process for the popular summertime race in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In recent years, the event has sold out in minutes via on-line registration, and the qualifying series will no doubt help simplify the process. To read more about the Road to Mammoth Qualifying Series, CLICK HERE.


Special thanks to our friend John Elton, who climbed up the mountain behind our campsite to grab the photo of the track at the top of the page. This is Johnny Rocket himself in action, airing out one of Zaca’s safe, yet super fun jumps. If you live within driving distance of Los Olivos, California, I strongly suggest taking a trip to Zaca Station. It’s simply amazing.

So that’s how P-Lo and I spent our New Year’s Day, but what about the recently released Jason Lawrence?

“Jason’s been spending lots of time on the bike, trying to get back up to speed,” said J-Law’s Team Manager, Chris “Dang” McAvoy. “His speed is good, but the main thing holding him back right now are his hands. He blistered them up pretty badly on his first day back at the track. On a Supercross track, he can bust out about 20 laps or so right at the start of the day with no problems, but as the day goes on, I know that they hurt him a lot. We went to the Supercross track at Comp Edge on New Year’s Day, and Jason busted out this section that Joe Oehlof says no one has even thought about doing yet, so that tells you that his skills are still there. It’s been a mad rush of testing, getting things set up for the team, and trying to finalize everything from the logos on Grant Langston‘s gear, to getting the right color plastics for the bikes!”


So, is Jason Lawrence still planning on lining up at Anaheim 1? “Yes, that is the plan,” said McAvoy. “Jason feels that he owes it to his sponsors and fans who have stuck by him to show up and put in his best effort at A1.”How do you think Jason will do at Anaheim 1?

In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past week or so and haven’t seen our exclusive video interviews with Jason Lawrence, only a few days after he was released from jail, click HERE for part one, and HERE for part two!

Another couple of riders who were doing motos on New Year’s Eve were Broc Tickle and Nate Adams. Our friend Kyle Cowling from the Obscura Creative Group shot this quick video of Star Racing’s Tickle and FMXer-gone-SXer Adams at the Milestone MX Supercross track.

Thanks, Kyle.

So what is your New Year’s Resolution? One of the loftiest resolutions we’ve heard thus far is from none other than Red Bull Honda rider Andrew Short. In a brief text message exchange, where I hinted that he should come out of retirement and resume his Short Story columns in the magazine, Shorty replied that although he enjoyed writing his thoughts for the pages of TransWorld Motocross, his New Year’s Resolution was to write weekly race reports on his personal web site! There’s no race report in the world that can compare to one straight from a rider’s point of view, and with the journalistic skills that Shorty possesses, we can’t wait to read them, ourselves! Sadly, we just clicked on over to www.andrewshort.com and this is what we found…


One of the most exciting changes of the new year for us here at TransWorld Motocross is the addition of Steve Matthes to our editorial fold. Matthes will hold down the Editor at (Extra) Large position, and will contribute his popular Observations columns and Podcast Shows to TransWorldMX.com. Matthes’ first entry went live on January 1, and generated a ton of comments from our readers. Seems Steve is the editorial equivalent to J-Law…he generates some comments! To read his first column, CLICK HERE. In order to associate a face with a name, we asked Matthes to send us a photo. This is what we got…


Not sure why it’s so small… Maybe Steve hoped that the tiny photo would have a slimming effect. All jokes aside, we are thrilled to have Matthes join the team. On a personal level, Steve and I have been friends for a long time and I really admire the way his writing has progressed. Welcome, Motosteve!

I just clicked over to Andrew Short‘s web site again, and it’s still not live. To tide you rabid Shorty fans over until he pushes the “go” button, here’s a cool video that our video intern Stephen Potter made for us. Potter caught up with Andrew at Michael LaPaglia‘s private SX track, where other riders like Grant Langston and Ivan Tedesco were also riding. Potter promises to whip together a second video of those guys later this week, so stay tuned…

Thanks, Stephen!

Last week, two of our TransWorld Motocross test riders, Sean Borkenhagen and Mike Sleeter, invited us out to check out their new KTM Factory Services race bikes. Sleeter put together the KTM “sattelite” team in an effort to help Borky along, and we couldnt belive how pro their entire setup was! Check back later today for a photo gallery featuring their KTM race bikes! For now, check out Sleetdawg’s new One Industries helmet, painted up by Tagger Designs. Sleeter always had badass paint jobs, and this year is no different!



That’s all I have for now…so I’m handing the keyboard over to our Photo Editor, Brendan Lutes…


(Photo: Red Bull)

While Swap and P-Lo were up motoing at Zaca Station, I decided to take some time off from riding and make the trip up to Travis Pastrana’s incredible New Year’s Eve leap in the Long Beach harbor. If you watched it on TV, then you already know that the Red Bull New Year No Limits event was quite a production and took up a huge amount of space in the heart of downtown LBC. I was lucky enough to be able to witness the jump from on top of a boat docked in the harbor—thanks to Cliff Talley of ESPN.com/action for BSing well enough for us to get comped the $50 admission for the boat ride and be allowed to chill on the roof. Who knew all it would take was flashing a sweet Mino Flip Cam and dropping a few names? After it was all finished up, we made our way downtown to ring in the new year. If you missed TP’s jump on ESPN, below is the full video of it as it went down. Look closely, you might be able to catch the sweet boat we were on in the background…

That’s it from me. I’m just looking forward to A1 this coming weekend. Red Bull is also holding a team intro deal on Wednesday out at Catalina Island, so be sure to come back in a couple days for a full report from that, as well as interviews with all the Red Bull riders.