First thing’s first: Dirt Days at Milestone this weekend was awesome! Everyone from the vendors to the visitors had a good time being out at the track helping to grow our great sport. The weather was perfect and the Milestone MX Ranch staff prepped great tracks for all of us to enjoy. A big thanks to Fransisco, Kim, and Eric at Milestone for their tireless efforts this weekend.

The Red Bull FMX demos went off without a hitch, and the model search produced the third finalist for TransWorld Motocross Magazine Model Search presented by Von Zipper.

Stay tuned for a full gallery of of Dirt Days California winner, Stephanie.

In other news, Todd Potter was formally kicked off the AST Dew Tour last week and fined $5,000 by the FCC for his unsavory gesture toward the camera at the live broadcast of the Salt Lake City Dew Tour stop.

Potter raised his middle finger to the viewers and it was not well received by the TV producers, nor the FCC. Apparently, in the official broadcast guidelines, one may be fined $5K for unbecoming behavior or language on a live show. Potter was fined the full amount and was cordially asked to sit out the rest of the tour. In Potter’s defense, he was wearing the brand-new Metal Mulisha/Grenade gloves that feature the Mulisha logo only the middle finger, so perhaps it was his only way to represent his trusty sponsor…

On a far sadder note, we’ve learned that Blair Morgan, of both motocross and snowmobile fame, suffered a horrific injury this weekend in Canada. Unconfirmed reports claim that surgeries to repair his spine were unsuccessful and Morgan now has a severed spine. Sean Hamblin broke the story on on Sunday.

I don’t know if any of you have heard but Blair crashed at Montreal and has no feeling from the waist down at the moment!! He is one of Canadas most versatile riders in both SnowCross and Moto!! Everyone keep positive thoughts for him and his family! Get well soon Superman!!

Thanks to all that have had Blair and his family in your thoughts and prayers!! Im sure they all appreciate all the support you have given and we all know its a long road when he gets home but with Blair being as strong minded and positive he will overcome this and still remain an ICON in not only the sports he was involved in but also to anyone else who has the same injury he has.

We will let you know when we learn more. You are in our thoughts, Blair.

X-Games went down this weekend south of the border and Jeremy Lusk took the gold in Best Trick with a kiss of death backflip, while Adam Jones took silver with a dead body backflip. Todd Potter took time away from writing checks to the FCC to round out the competition with the bronze medal.
In Step-Up action, Ronnie Renner edged out the competition in his X Games Mexico debut with a jump of 9.14 meters (29.99 feet).

Swap just put up a video of Ivan “Hot Sauce” Tedesco. Check it out HERE

Although the outdoor season came to an end a few short weeks ago, teams and riders are already beginning to get the ball rolling on their 2009 Supercross testing. Elmo cruised on out to the Yamaha facility on Friday morning to meet up with the likes of Josh Hill, Ryan Morais, and Yamaha of Troy's latest recruit, Darryn Durham to shoot some photos and video. Durham just wrapped up his amateur career aboard a Suzuki and is excited to line up for his first Supercross race with his new team. Check back later on today for a complete photo gallery of the Durham, Hill, and Morais in action.