Monday Kickstart

McGrath to Compete in Super X Australia

It was announced this weekend that Jeremy McGrath will join the Chad Reed-promoted Super X Australasian Supercross Championship for the final two rounds. Not Surprisingly, Reed has dominated the first five rounds of racing, sweeping the entire series thus far. We’ll see if “Showtime” can give Reed a run for his money.


As you all know, Grant Langston has been battling a a bad eye and good news still has yet to be reported. Cool G has remained optimistic and all of us in the racing world are pulling for him. Hopefully his eye will decide to cooperate and we will all see him back out on the track. Check out GL’s comments from the Yamaha Press Day last week…

Stroupe Possibly Injured?

While checking in with Tim Ferry on Friday, we saw Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Austin Stroupe doing some testing at the Kawasaki SX test track in Corona, CA. Stroupe looked quite fast and comfortable until late in the day when the young rider took a pretty violent spill. We aren’t sure how serious the wreck was, or if Stroupe suffered any race-altering injuries, but we will keep you posted as we learn more. Hopefully, all is well, and Stroupe is nothing more than a little sore.

Katherine Prumm Update

By now you must know that New Zealand native and former World Cup winner Katherine Prumm suffered a horrific crash last Thursday while training. Prumm suffered multiple injuries including cracked vertebrae. She underwent surgery yesterday where doctors fused her damaged vertebrae. Sources say she should be in a brace for at least three months. Get well soon Katherine!

Catching Up With…Broc Hepler

Whether it is in the Lites class or in the 450 class, Yamaha's Broc Hepler has proven time and time again that he is a consistent threat for a podium spot. Unfortunately, injuries seem to frequent the Pennsylvania native more often than not. After breaking his thumb at A3 this year, Hepler sat out for a majority of the Supercross season before breaking his arm days before the opening round of the outdoor Nationals. Now, though, Hepler is healthy and ready to get things rolling as he prepares for his first full year in the 450 class.

What have you been up to since Steel City?
After the last outdoor National at Steel City I went over to Sweden to do a Supercross; things went well over there, and then I got ready for the U.S. Open of Supercross. The U.S. Open was a good race for us because it showed us what we needed to work on come A1, you know? So, I'm working on speed and strength right now.

Do you feel that the 450 suits you more than the 250F?
Well… I am getting used to it (laughs). The 450 is a lot to handle for Supercross, so I am just learning how to utilize all of that power to my advantage.

Obviously the 450 is a fast bike, so is there anything you guys do to actually slow the bike down some for the tight confines of Supercross?
We try to make the power more useable, you know? We try to get the power where we want it to be. Whether you rev it more…I usually don't rev the bike much, so I want more power off the bottom. Besides that, we tend to spend a lot of time on the suspension and trying to find that sweet spot.

At the U.S. Open you had your starts dialed…
(Laughs) Typically I am an awful starter, but I've been working on them a lot this season. I think it has helped because I did pretty well at some of the outdoors, so I tried my best to carry that on over to the U.S. Open because you need a good start at that race to run up front.

What's the plan from now until A1?
My number one plan is to stay healthy (laughs). It's better not to ride than to wreck and get hurt. I need to be careful, but also gain some strength and be ready come Anaheim.

Where do you see yourself in the grand scheme of things in Supercross?
Right off the bat I'd like to say you'll see me inside the top five. That is the goal for the first few rounds, and if I can achieve that I'll start slowly making steps towards the front of the pack.