Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki debuted Showa's SFF Air Fork on Broc Tickle's KXF 450 at A2. The fork is filled with nitrogen and is two pounds lighter than traditional components. According to Bones Bacon, the possibilities in adjustment can be overwhelming but is an improvement to what the team has previously run.

With Chris Blose still on the sidelines, Justin Sipes has stepped up as a fill in rider. For Sipes, it is a major change in plans, as the Kentuckian planned to race the East Coast rounds before the call came. Rather than tailor Blose's bike to fit his needs, the team as simply re-branded Sipes' bike with the correct graphics and parts.

While at the TwoTwo Motorsports rig, we spoke with Factory Effex's Scott Gilly on graphics. Gilly stated that while there is a weight savings to cutting the backgrounds down to just around the numbers, the reduction is miniscule, comparable to getting a haircut, and that another added benefit is it allows them to apply the material to curved areas with ease. It's a known fact that pro riders destroy graphics is a short time, but it is surprising to know that they run the same thickness as consumer units, not a thinner style to shave off even more weight.

Jeff Ward Racing owners Lucas Mirtl and Jeff Ward are also partners in water company "Real Water." The brand, which is a best seller at Whole Foods, is a favorite among celebrities and athletes due to it's alkalized properties.

Virus Intl, the under garment company that uses jade as a cooling tool, is growing in motocross. Their products been seen on many riders and now they have partnered with underwear maker Ethika to create a new line of shorts.

It is empty under the Honda awning following Trey Canard's departure. Canard is expected to make a full recovery, but there is little chance of a 2012 return. A replacement rider is very possible option and many names have been thrown around as to who may fill in.

The resonance chamber on Yoshimura unit used on American Honda Muscle Milk's CRF 450s are protected by the pipe, rather than having it in harm's way.

Justin Brayton took to the track in the newest offerings from One Industries, which become available this week. The purple colorway is appealing, albeit a tad different than the normal colors seen in gear.

If you are able to make it to the pits at a SX stop, you should make it a point to swing by the Alpinestars booth. The hat creation station at A2 was a smart move, as we saw the Astar logo everywhere we looked.

While A2 was not officially a "pink round," many companies took the effort to embrace National Cancer Awareness Day, as this DC Shoes shirts shows.


The DC Shoes compound is unrivaled when it comes to fan experience.

In addition to the Robbie Maddison display, fans may also have their photograph taken with a LCQ board.

The Legends and Heroes trailer will be at each round of the Supercross series, and should be a required stop in the pit area. The array of bikes and memorabilia is sure fire way to start a bench racing session.

Brad Lackey's "Black Kaw" was on display in the Legends and Heroes section of the pit area. Even now, nearly forty years later, the bike still looks unique.

On loan from the owners of JT Racing was Jean Michel Bayle's 1986 Honda CR 125.

As you can see, the bike is completely original and has not been "polished" over.

This Kawasaki 500 was used in the legendary "ABC SuperBikers" special that took place just down the road from our Carlsbad offices. 500cc's and flat track tires on pavement? That deserves respect.

History Lesson: French legend Jean-Michel Bayle paved the way for almost every European SX racer like Sebastian Tortelli. The fluid Honda rider dominated the American circuit in just a handful of years before he returned to Europe to race Moto GP.

Nate Adams has been dealing with a shoulder injury since September, which includes a small amount of nerve damage. "Patchy" is expecting to be back to 100% soon, just in time for contest season.

Josh Hill is slated to begin riding in the near future after being sidelined by a broken leg at A1. To gain some insight in to what the H&H rider has been going through since Summer 2010, pick up the February issue of TWMX.

Smith Optics has released two new TP199 inspired designs; the top set highlights Pastrana's relationship with Red Bull,while the middle pair reflects his latest venture with Boost Mobile in NASCAR.

NASCAR racer Joey Logano was on hand at the Toyota display during the afternoon. The JGR racer is an avid motocross fan.

Ryan Dungey's fan base has spiked this season and the KTM rider's autograph line is now one of the longest in the pits. The top brass from Europe, including Pit Beirer, were on hand for a photo shoot with their American counterparts.

If you haven't seen "Ninety.Four," you are missing out. Ken Roczen is set to resuming Supercross testing today (Monday), and the German said that while his wrist feels sore after a long day of riding, it will not be an issue by Dallas.

Marvin Musquin was another rider who's gear featured pink details, as his Alpinestars gear matched his Airoh lid.

A2 marked the end of Josh Hansen's top-ten streak, when a mechanical issue forced the 100 to pull off the track early in the main event.

Carey Hart is not a "hands off" team owner. Though his celebrity status makes him one of the most sought after individuals in the pits, the former racer is highly involved in the day's activities and is constantly checking in on his riders.

DC printed a limited number of pink shirts for Jeremy McGrath and his wife, Kim. After being diagnosed with breast cancer last fall, Kim and Jeremy have become vocal in their support for expanded research on the disease.

Rather than allowing someone else take care of her husband, Jacki Short balances Andrew's day while also handling her children.

With both Lites point leader Eli Tomac and Kevin Windham on the roster, the line outside the Geico rig is one of the lengthier ones in the pit. Wil Hahn was also on hand to sign autographs, sans crutches.

Kevin Windham was one of the many racers that ran the SPY/KAB colab goggle.

Ryan Villopoto, Jake Weimer, and Brett Metcalfe all ran this one-off Thor colorway.

Hiring Tommy Lister to appear at the SoCal SX stops is high on the list of brilliant decisions made by Monster execs.

Kenny Bartram spent most of the day chasing his young son around the pit area. The X-Games medalist plans on competing more in 2012 and is considering a move to Southern California in order to stay in the spotlight.

Former racer Mike Healy was one of the many past icons that stopped by the Legends and Heroes display. It has been a rough few years for the former star, but it appears that Healy has overcome the struggles that cut his career short.

Road racer and die hard moto fan Nicky Hayden was also seen on Saturday night. The Ducati rider is on the mend following a recent shoulder surgery that repaired the damaged cartilage which disrupted testing for his 2012 Moto GP season.

We spotted Star/Valli Rockstar Yamaha's Kyle Chisholm in the tunnel prior to opening ceremonies. With just two weeks until the East Coast kicks off, Cunningham said that he is anxious for his "hometown race" in Dallas.

Chad Reed's Shift pants had a patch to commemorate Australia Day, the national holiday that celebrates the arrival of the first British fleets to the island on January 26th, 1788.

James Stewart got in to the pink spirit, donning fuchsia accented Answer gear, a color that Stewart has been a fan of since his pro debut. The fans reception to the Yamaha rider has warmed slightly since A1, but Stewart later tweeted that his father, Big James, was spat on at one point in the night.

Troy Lee Honda took the pink effort to a new level, with matching plastics, gear, and New Era trucker hats for the entire team. the pink and blue bikes were the talk of the pits.

After making his return to the US, Michael Leib has made a mark. With no prior Supercross experience, the former GP racer has improved each week, as his sixth place finished shows.

Former TWMX cover star Billy Laninovich's return to Supercross has been impressive. "Lano" has made each main event and is currently 14th in the overall standings.

After narrowly winning the heat race over Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey quietly finished fourth place in the main event. Dungey's consistent results have him just behind Villopoto and Reed in the points chase.

Cody Mackie's addition to the Jeff Ward Racing team may not be as temporary as many think. When Josh Grant does make his return, the team has considered adding a third bike to the pit area.

Justin Brayton helped make the second heat race exciting. His pass on Jake Weimer for the lead was aggressive, as the Kawasaki rider went down in the sand after Brayton stole the inside line. Brayton would then battle with Weimer's teammate, Ryan Villopoto, for a handful of laps before he was overtaken by the defending champion.

Long time privateer Ryan Clark trekked to Anaheim and pitted out of a mini van for the weekend. Clark's appearances at Supercross are sporadic at best, but his knowledge after spending years on the circuit is something that many other privateers lack. The Rockstar Suzuki team loaned out Blake Wharton's unused pit board for the night.

Perilli is taking every step possible to give James Stewart tires that he feels are competitive. The rubber giant refocused a South American plant on creating twelve new choices for the Yamaha rider, which have been tested at Stewart's Florida home. When asked why the team has relocated to the East Coast for the last few weeks, team manager Jeremy Albrecht said that it is simply where Stewart feels most comfortable.

Though this is only his first season competing inside the tight stadium settings, Marvin Musquin has quickly adapted to the technique it requires. After another third place finish, the Frenchman seemed slightly let down.

Alais debuted another yet another colorway at the final Angels Stadium round. The company plans a summer release date that will feature two lines; the high end kit seen on the Geico riders and Josh Grant, as well as a mid-level, lower priced set.

The run-in to the triple that ran down the third base line was one main rut that was chewed up by the night's end. It's astounding to see twenty riders hit one small area of the track, lap after lap.

Davi Millsaps and Kevin Windham battled over sixth place for nearly the entire main event, with Windham topping the Yamaha rider. Millsaps led the early portion of the second heat race before washing out in the first 180 degree turn and collected former minibike foe Mike Alessi in the process.

See you in San Diego.