Monday Kickstart:
X Games

With a weekend off from National motocross, the fellas here at TWMX were stoked to take advantage of a little vacation time…not! Time off wasn’t in the cards, and hard-nosed reporters that we are, Swap, Garth, and Cooley risked life and limb to travel out to the country’s biggest events, all in the name of pleasing you, our friends…the reader.

Yep, that’s right, while Swap was drinking moonshine and trying on cowboy boots at the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, Garth and Cooley mingled with the World’s most Xtreme athletes at the 2006 running of the X Games in Los Angeles. You’ll have to wait just a little bit longer for our Loretta’s recap, however, as all of the action is in the process of being brilliantly packaged into its own special feature. So without further ado, here’s how the action unfolded at X Games 12…

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