Monday Kickstart – Dallas SX 2012

The seventh round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series was broadcasted live from Dallas, Texas, last Saturday night, but here are some things you might now have caught during that broadcast.

The seventh round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series made it's way East to Dallas, Texas over the weekend. The giant Cowboys Stadium housed the 53,952 fans in attendance, and it offered some of the best racing action so far this season.

While walking around the pits on Saturday, we ran into Kyle Regal. The Dirty 30 said that he was planning on racing the East Coast, but an injured femur and dislocated hip kept him from riding during most of the off-season. He's all healed up now, but he made his way out to Dallas to try and figure out what he's going to do for a ride.

Rain hit Dallas hard on Saturday night, but the huge retractable roof covering the stadium kept everything dry.

The dirt inside the Dallas Cowboys Stadium was some of the stickiest and hard-packed mixture we have seen so far this season. Looking and feeling like clay based dirt, many riders had mixed feelings about it.

MotoConcept Racing's Tommy Weeck made his debut in the East Coast Lites class this past weekend, but a crash in the first practice knocked him out and kept him from competing that night.

The San Diego Supercross round brought out the longest whoop section the riders have seen up to that date, but the whoop section in Dallas was just as equally long. However, the roundness of each whoop combined with the hard-packed dirt allowed riders to blitz them all throughout the night.

Ryan Hughes has been steadily adding new riders to his Ryno Power program, and he recently obtained Austin Stroupe. With only a week under the guidance of Ryno, he has already been making some progress to his fitness, and Hughes was on hand in Dallas to help him, as well as his other riders, out.

The 2011 East Coast Supercross season had treated Geico Honda's Justin Barcia pretty well, and he came out with the number one plate at the end of the season. Dallas, Texas, marked the first round for the 2012 East Coast series, and Bam Bam's bike was decked out with his shiny new red number one plate backgrounds.

Grant Langston has made his way back into Supercross by becoming a team manager for the new Ohlins/Langston Motorsports/KTM team. The team has been in works for a few months, but Langston decided that he would unveil his new Lites team—consisting of Les Smith, AJ Catanzaro, and Taylor Futrell—for the first round of the East Coast so he had more time to prepare. Once the racing started in Dallas, Smith was able to make it to the main, and he came out with a 16th place finish.

Ryan Villopoto continues to carry the points lead heading into Atlanta.

While the covered stadium kept everyone dry, we couldn't say the same for the pits. A lot of fans decided not to brave the conditions outside, and the pits were pretty barren throughout the day.

Supercross Lites rookie Kyle Peters was scheduled to appear on Star/Valli/Rockstar/Yamaha East Coast Lites team, but a crash at the Lucas Oil MX Park early last week resulted with a seperated left collarbone. He's expected to have a quick recovery, and he's hoping to be racing by Atlanta.

One of the most notable teams in the paddock was the Lagston Motorsports/Ohlins/KTM that is managed by former racer Grant Langston. Les Smith put the team into the main event, finishing 16th for the night. It's also worth mentioning that there were a ton of privateer KTM bikes out on the track.

Here's a closer look at one of the very trick Langston Motorsports KTMs. The bikes are equipped with Ohlins suspension on the front and rear of the bike.

The Eleven10 Mods team was back in action in Dallas. They were pitted at the back of the pits and out of the same exact black box van that Darryn Durham rode out of last season. Once again, their bikes sounded very fast. Jeff Gibson is expected to join the team beginning in St. Louis.

The Eleven10 Mods bikes are arguably some of the coolest looking bikes in the pits. They are also notoriously some of the fastest in the pits as well. Alex Martin took the bike to an impressive 11th in the main event.

All of the top riders wore Dallas Cowboys football jerseys during opening ceremonies.

Red Bull KTM's Ken Roczen was running this "Full Time" buttpatch in reference to the fact that Dallas marked the start to his first full-time season in the US. Last year, Roczen only rode the Supercross series before heading back to Europe to compete in the MX2 Championship. In Dallas, Roczen finished third in the Lites main event.


Geico Honda's Kevin Windham once again pulled off a very impressive transfer jump during opening ceremonies. This week's transfer was over 100 feet and K-Dub was as high as the finish line tower. He actually screwed up the run up to the jump on his first attempt and was forced to stop to make another go at it. He nailed his second run.

In his first-ever Supercross race, Geico Honda's Justin Bogle was very impressive. All day long he was in the mix in qualifying. Then during the night show, Bogle qualified out of his heat race with a fourth. While his 14th in the main doesn't say on paper that he had a great day, he was running in contention for a podium until coming together with Malcolm Stewart.

It appeared that Dallas would be a sequel to San Diego, as Ryan Villopoto and Chad Reed were within feet of one another until Reed's get-off.

Out west, Gavin Faith was picked up by Geico Honda to fill in for injured Wil Hahn. Since his ride was only for the West Coast Lites series, Gavin was racing in the Supercross class aboard a completely privateer Honda CRF450. Gavin is a very tall kid, so we would have to imagine that the 450 fit him a little better than the 250. Gavin made it into the main event through the LCQ, where he then finished the main event in 17th.

How privateer was Faith in Dallas? Here is his set up out of the back of his white van.

Valli/Star Racing/Yamaha's Nico Izzi has moved up to the Supercross class for the East Coast series. Izzi showed great speed all day long, qualifying well and parlaying that into a decent showing during the night show where he finished 18th in the main event.

Thankfully the Cowboys Stadium was covered, because outside up to two inches of rain fell throughout the day. Due to the rain, many of the teams had their pits closed up from the elements.

We're not sure if we have just never noticed it before, but Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Blake Baggett runs his bars very swept back.

Monster Energy Kawasaki's Jake Weimer was back in his familiar Atlas neck brace in Dallas.

After being taken off the track on the Asterisk Medic Mule, Reed hopped on a private jet to California to have an MRI done on his knee. Chad posted this on his Twitter: "Well I spent the day in the hospital yesterday here's the damage.. 2 broken ribs, broken spinous T6. Torn ACL and fractured tib fib."

During practice, we noticed Reed chatting with the Dirt Wurx crew and John Gallagher about the same section that he crashed in during the main event. Makes you wonder if the section was already a concern for Chad before the racing even began.

Geico Honda's Jimmy Decotis was sitting on the sidelines with multiple fractures to his feet that he sustained while practicing. Word is that Jimmy is riding again and should be back in action next week in Atlanta.

We mention it every year we go to Dallas, but the Jumbotron is huge. It's easily as wide as a triple is long.

Geico Honda's Justin Barcia is off to a good start for his championship defense. Barcia was the fastest rider all day long, qualifying first and turning that into a dominating ride in both his heat race and in the main event. He will continue to sport the red plate next week in Atlanta.

What caused the Blake Baggett and Kyle Cunningham crash in the Lites main event? It was the Tuff Blox that got thrown up during the start of the main event.

After the crash, Baggett rode around in the main event without a front number plate. Baggett finished 15th in the main event.

Matt Lemoine once again is competing aboard a privateer Kawasaki. This year, though, he is receiving more support and pitting out of a semi. Lemoine showed great speed all day long, qualifying fifth. Unfortunately for Lemoine, however, his main event didn't go to planned as he finished 19th after some bad luck.

MotoConcepts teammates and brothers Mike and Jeff Alessi holeshotted the main side by side. Mike has always been a good starter, but it's been a while since we've seen him round the first turn in the lead during a Supercross main event. At the end of the race, Mike finished a season best fourth while Jeff finished 19th.

During the closing stages of the SX class main event, Ryan Dungey and Jake Weimer came together while battling for second. The result of the altercation? A broken shift lever and a massive amount of oil lost from Weimer's bike. Weimer still managed to limp his bike across the finish line for third, though, his second podium of the season.

Muscle Milk Honda's Justin Brayton was racing again after battling back from a gnarly qualifying crash last week in San Diego. Brayton finished an impressive ninth in the main event.

This crazy obstacle was located at the exit of the pits while heading to the stadium. Throughout the day, the mechanics joked that they had to navigate some Endurocross before making it into the stadium.

This is how the riders and the other team members commuted to the stadium—aboard a safe and secure golf cart or Mule.

After getting picked up by the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team for the 2012 season, Darryn Durham has been putting in the work with hopes of repaying Mitch Payton with great results. After Dallas, "Double D" can probably sleep a little easier at night knowing that his second place finish was a great start to the '12 season. Darryn looked fast and confident all day long.

JDR/J-Star/KTM's Malcolm Stewart was fast throughout the day, but after coming together with Bogle in the main event, Stewart finished sixth. It was a decent start to his season in spite of the collision.