Monday Kickstart : December 24th, 2012

Less than two weeks to go until the season starts again. Ready?

With less than two weeks to go until the start of what is slated to be, and we mean it this time, “The Greatest Season Ever,” everyone in the industry is hustling. Today and tomorrow will be taken easy, but starting Wednesday, it will be wide open until that first Saturday of January. Last minute testing, finishing touches to equipment, and the decision for 250 riders on what coast they will compete are all happening as we speak, and the final word will come out on Thursday, January 3rd, when everyone heads to Angels Stadium for press day.

This week, Feld made the long awaitedannounced the television package for the 2013 season. Eleven races will be broadcast live, (A1, A3, San Diego, Dallas, Atlanta, Daytona, Indianapolis, Toronto, Houston, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas), in addition to three specials. The full schedule can be viewed below.

2013 Monster Energy Supercross TV Schedule (Original Airings)

Air Date Venue City Network Time
12/22/2012 Supercross Preview Show CBS 3:00 p.m. ET
1/5/2013 Angel Stadium Anaheim, Calif. SPEED (Live) 9:30 p.m. ET
1/12/2013 Chase Field Phoenix SPEED (Live) 9:30 p.m. ET
1/20/2013 Angel StadiumAngel Stadium (250SX Class) Anaheim, Calif.Anaheim, Calif. CBSSPEED Noon1:00 p.m. ET
1/27/2013 O.Co ColiseumO.Co Coliseum (250SX Class) Oakland, Calif.Oakland, Calif. CBSSPEED Noon1:00 p.m. ET
2/2/2013 Angel Stadium Anaheim, Calif. SPEED (Live) 10:30 p.m. ET
2/9/2013 Qualcomm Stadium San Diego SPEED (Live) 10:30 p.m. ET
2/10/2013 Ryan Villopoto: A Champion CBS Noon
2/16/2013 Cowboys Stadium Arlington, Texas SPEED (Live) 9:30 p.m. ET
2/23/2013 Georgia Dome Atlanta SPEED (Live) 7:30 p.m. ET
2/24/2013 Supercross Mid-Season Show CBS Noon
3/3/2013 Edward Jones DomeEdward Jones Dome (250SX Class) St. LouisSt. Louis CBSSPEED Noon1:00 p.m. ET
TBD Daytona Int'l Speedway Daytona, Fla. SPEED (Live) 7:30 p.m. ET
3/16/2013 Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis SPEED (Live) 7:30 p.m. ET
3/23/2013 Rogers Centre Toronto, ON. SPEED (Live) 8:00 p.m. ET
4/6/2013 Reliant Stadium Houston SPEED (Live) 9:30 p.m. ET
4/14/2013 MetrodomeMetrodome (250SX Class) MinneapolisMinneapolis CBSSPEED Noon1:00 p.m. ET
4/21/2013 CenturyLink FieldCenturyLink Field (250SX Class) SeattleSeattle CBSSPEED Noon1:00 p.m. ET
4/27/2013 Rice-Eccles Stadium Salt Lake City SPEED (Live) 9:30 p.m. ET
5/4/2013 Sam Boyd Stadium Las Vegas SPEED (Live) 10:00 p.m. ET
5/5/2013 Supercross Season Review CBS Noon

What To Look For : Anaheim One

The changes that occur in the off-season and the first glimpse of something new is half the allure of Anaheim One. Here is a small list of what will be rolled out at round one.

Jessy Nelson’s Supercross Debut

After getting called up to fill the numerous empty slots at Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda last summer, Jessy Nelson will make his indoor debut. The California teen learned the ropes of the Nationals quickly and is expected to do the same for Supercross.

Ryan Villopoto With ATLAS Brace

RV made the third neck brace switch of his career this past week, as he now runs the second generation of the ATLAS Brace.

Kyle Chisholm And Bobby Kiniry On Velocity3 Racing Team

The new team run by Kenny Germain and Brian Berry was whipped together in the off-season and has earned support from Yamaha. With Kyle Chisholm and Bobby Kiniry as riders, they will contest the Supercross season.

Jake Weimer To Answer/Arnette/Bell/EVS Sports

Weimer’s apparel program is all-new for 2013, minus boots. He is the latest rider for Answer Racing, has linked with Bell for helmets, won King of Bercy in Arnette goggles, and has the new EVS Axis Pro knee braces under his pants.

There are a few more things that we have heard and seen, but nothing is official. We can say expect to see an entire 250 team in new goggles and that we will an exclusive with James Stewart on January 2nd.

The Groundskeeper : Doug Parsons

By Brendan Lutes

In the world of freestyle and freeriding, Doug Parsons is one of the originators. When FMX was in its infant stages, Parsons was one of the pioneers, building jumps out in the hills and going bigger than everyone.

After taking a few years away from the sport, Parsons has recently begun to get back into it. And with the rain that has come down in the past few weeks in Southern California, Parsons has been putting in overtime to build new jumps out in Reche Canyon, his childhood riding spot. Last week, Doug invited us out to his secret location to shoot some photos and check out his newest line that he affectionately named "Snake Bite Line" due to the technical aspect of the jumps.

We're out here at Reche Canyon, and with all the rain we've been getting lately, you've been keeping pretty busy.

Yeah, this is how gnarly I am... When it was raining last Thursday, I drove out here, sat at The Cottage--a little restaurant down the road--and drank beer while it rained all day. I did that just so I could have my eyes and ears on the area for how much rain it got. I think I came out that same day and shoveled one jump in the rain. Then on Friday, a bunch of us came out and I've been out here shoveling every day since.

You grew up right down the street from Reche Canyon. How much time have you spent in these hills?

When I was eight years old, I moved out here and started riding here--I've been out here for days. I moved away, though, probably about eight years ago, and I since then, I've still come out to ride, but it hasn't been this good since I was probably about 14 or 15. It's really good right now.

Parsons’ best element is the natural terrain of the hills. He has ridden Reche Canyon for the majority of his life and has the SoCal sport wired.

In the last six months to a year, you've been getting back into riding again after some time off. How has that been?

I took some time off and went up to Seattle to just clear out my head. I just needed a break, because I was getting caught up in dumb stuff. I came back at about this time last year and started riding, but I broke my foot. I just started riding again a few months ago and I've been waiting for it to rain. Reche kind of goes through cycles every year and it's going through one of those cycles right now where it's really good.

You've built quite a few jumps in a little hidden canyon. Can you talk about what went into that?

I made a line in a canyon here and we call it the Snake Bite Line, because it's pretty technical. The jumps aren't big, but they'll throw you down. I took a digger today when I landed in a tree (laughs). It starts out with a left-handed 40-foot hip, and then you snake down a creek to another little kicker over what used to be a barbed wire fence. After that, there's a little tabletop--it's the one that has been taking everyone down--and then there is a little left-handed hip into the creek. There's also a bunch of other little single jumps throughout the canyon.

If rains continue to sweep over Southern California this winter, you can expect Parsons to be the first to the hills the next day.

You're one of the originators of freeriding. What are your thoughts on it today?

I remember back in the day when [Brian] Deegan was on Moto XXX and he came out here and rode. We did a big ride after a rain. There was a double that day and he did his first-ever nac-nac over it; he was so pumped. That's pretty much how freestyle started back in the day. It started with filming and it was when everyone came out, took time away from Supercross, and threw whips, did tricks, hillclimbs, cliff jumps, downhill races to see who could hold it on longer... That's kind of the grass roots of freestyle. Once it became a sport and got big, a lot of people kind of steered away from it. Over the past years with the Ride To The Hills event a few years ago and other stuff, I was trying to make a stab at bringing freeriding back on the map. Renner has been really big in it, doing all the stuff he has been doing. Stenberg is also starting to dabble in it a bit and is making a run at being remembered as a freeriding guy rather than a freestyle guy. It's pretty cool with us guys doing this; it's going to really legitimize freeriding. Who knows where it can go. I'd like to someday have it get to the point that street skateboarding and backcountry snowboarding is where guys get paid to go film.

Assuming it continues to rain a lot this season, what are your plans?

Right now, I have about 15 jumps that I've already built or that I need to build. Every rain, I've got about two or three jumps that I want to build. That way I'll have enough stuff to last for the entire winter season. I just want to build jumps, shoot photos, film, and just do work. I want to show everyone that there are some possibilities and opportunities; lets see if we can turn it into something where we can get paid for TV shows or videos. I want to make freeriding official.

Ronnie Renner Is Ready For The New Year

By Brendan Lutes

Ronnie Renner has long been known for his freeriding abilities, and with the recent rain that has been hitting Southern California, Renner has been making trips out to the perfectly watered hills.

This past year, though, Renner took home another medal in X Games Step-Up, adding a gold medal to his collection. With multiple X Games events planned all around the world next year, Renner has not only been riding in the hills, but planning his schedule for 2013 as well. During a break from hitting some jumps in a secret spot in Reche Canyon, we caught up with him to find out how things have been.

In addition to his numerous X Games medals and world records, Renner is considered one of the sport’s top freeriders. He has led countless trips to world famous hills and deserts.

We're out here in Reche Canyon and it's kind of your prime time of the year, right?

Yeah, I try to consider myself a freerider. Besides X Games Step-Up, it's one of the only things that keeps me motivated for freestyle. I'm so close to everything in Southern California, so I don't really have an excuse to not be out here. Everyone gets amped up when the rain comes. But dude I'll tell you, now that I'm a dad of four kids, I really have to strategically plan and the rain never really comes with planning--it's just shows up. I'm about four days late getting out here in the hills after the last rain. Thank God, though, for friends like Doug [Parsons] who are really passionate about it too and come out and shovel up all these hits, and are then nice enough to give me an invite to the secret location. That makes it good. I try to do my part and try to shovel as well, but it always seems that I'm playing catch up.

What have you been up to since winning Step-Up at X Games?

I didn't really plan on taking a vacation, but my wrist was boogered up pretty bad for about three or four months, so I've just been letting that heal up. I have ADD, though, and can't sit around and let it heal up. I've been out golfing, hitting the track, and always doing something to continue to aggravate it. I've been waiting for the freeriding season to come around, though, and not burn myself out over the summer, jumping ramps and doing other stuff. I had a couple shows and did what I had to do to get through those with the pain in my wrist. Now I'm just starting to focus on next year with a little bit of freeriding thrown in there. They're really throwing a big schedule on us, though, with four X Games. That's going to be a big deal. I've just been balancing everything--I guess that's the best way to put it. I'm stoked to be out here, but I have other things to look forward to as well.

With the X Games becoming a multi-stop worldwide event in 2013, expect Renner to add even more Step-Up medals to his count. The discipline has made Renner a hero, but it results in multiple months of time off the bike to recover.

Are you excited about X Games and the addition of more rounds?

I guess there is going to be Step-Up at most of the Summer X Games--Brazil, Barcelona, Munich, and then the grand finale in Los Angeles. Obviously, if there is Step-Up at those rounds, I want to go win those suckers, and you have to be healthy to do that. At X Games this year, the win cost me about six months of not riding dirt bikes, so I'm going to try to prepare a little better, and I'm definitely excited about it. I think it's cool that the sport still has quite a few different things going for it, especially with more than just freestyle contests. I think that we proved that Step-Up is a crowd-pleasing event. I'm definitely no Best Trick rider, so you won't see me riding in that (laughs). That stuff is just getting out of control. Right now, I'm having fun and I'm excited for all the stuff that's coming up in the future. We have Red Bull X Fighters coming up, which I'm not doing the contest, but I'm tied to the series, doing media stuff and trying to help a little bit with organization and media.

You mentioned that Step-Up beat you up this year, so what are you going to do to prepare for multiple rounds of Step-Up?

Step-Up is one of those things that you can't practice a lot, because it hurts and every lip is different when you show up, so it really doesn't do you a lot of good to be boosting 40 or 50 feet into the air in order to practice. The expectations are going to be high, and I assume X Games is going to build it really big. I'm just going to tape myself up really well, take some more preventative measures than I usually do--which was none--and go from there. I don't know what you're going to have to do for me to not ride in those events. I'm going to tape myself up, strap myself to the bike, and go. Those events are my livelihood when it comes to competitions, so I'm going to be there.

Reche Canyon Gallery

Lutes made sure to bring enough memory cards to Reche Canyon to capture the day’s events, as this gallery shows. If this doesn’t make you want to go riding, then not much will.


Jimmy Albertson To Ride MotoThump HRT Honda For Supercross

MotoThump is proud to announce our sponsorship of Jimmy Albertson for the 2013 AMA Supercross series. MotoThump, the leading social media network targeted at delivering motocross enthusiasts a community to showcase yourself as a rider, will be easing the life of a blue collar privateer and has put together a program to help "Top Jimmy" achieve his goals this season. Riding a MotoThump/HRT backed CRF450, Jimmy will be competing in all 17 rounds in the premier AMA 450SX class. With MotoThumps help, Jimmy’s bike will be pitted out of the HRT rig, and will sport graphics proudly displaying both MotoThump and Todd Hansen’s HRT logos.

MotoThump is excited to see what Jimmy can do for the 2013 season, and after an introduction photo shoot at a private supercross facility, we are convinced Jimmy has what it takes to have a breakout year. We look forward to Jimmy’s always “class act” representation, and will maintain consistent race updates following Jimmy’s season at

MotoThump was designed to connect riders, regardless of their skill level or preferences with others looking to expand, share, preserve, and showcase their riding experiences. From your favorite riding spots down to track-by-track events, MotoThump allows you to simply chronicle your moto life. This product captures more memories and will continue to grow the sport we love. Join us on the MotoThump network by setting up your FREE account today at

The Absolute Last Minute Gift

You won’t score the DVD in time from the local bike shop, but iTunes is always open.

You know what today is. If you are at the office, good luck hitting the local shopping center on the way home. If you got drug out of bed early this morning, we feel your pain. The truth is, you don’t need to go to any of those major places to score the final things on your list, because Walgreens/CVS/Rite-Aid will do. Here is what to buy while you are there:

1. Booze. Any scotch will do, as long as it’s not a blend, of course. Single malt, Glen Livet, Glen Galley, perhaps. Any Glen.

2. Chocolate.

3. Taylor Swift CDs and T-shirts.

5. Cigars. The drug store has an extensive collection of fine smokes. As long as you like Swishers or Black & Milds, that is.

5. An iTunes gift card with “FOR KICKSTART 4 ONLY” written in bold across the top.



Happy holidays from TWMX.