Monday Kickstart : December 3, 2012

The clock is ticking til Anaheim One and teams are locking down to prepare for the new year. We are just over a month away from the start of another race season, and not to sound cliche, but this is setting up to be the biggest year of the sport yet. Things are still unconfirmed regarding numerous riders and teams, but last week it was announced that Yamaha will support two new teams and confirmed Travis Baker’s addition to Valli Yamaha. After years as a privateer effort aboard Hondas, the Eleven10 Mods crew have become included in Yamaha’s satellite program with Alex Martin as their lone rider. Industry veterans Brian Berry and Kenny Germain have put together the Velocity3 Racing Team for Kyle Chisholm and Bobby Kiniry’s runs at the Supercross season. Phil Nicoletti will also have Yamaha support as he competes the full 2013 season for N-Fab/Ti-Lube Racing. Jessica Patterson also will return to Yamaha after a brief absence from the brand.

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Rockstar Energy Photo Shoot
By Brendan Lutes

Last week we were lucky enough to tag along with the Rockstar Energy Racing team as they took care of the yearly team photo shoot. Rather than load up the box van and head to the Supercross track, though, Rockstar Energy went all out, sending the entire team and freestyle motocross riders out to Ocotillo Wells in Southern California. When it was all said and done, the team came away with some unique photos for their posters, and had much more fun doing it than previous years.

The crew that came out for support and to ride was huge. Amateur racer Daniel Baker, Mike Mason, Todd Potter, Ronnie Faisst, Jimmy Hill, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, and Scotty Stephens, joined the race team of Davi Millsaps, Jason Anderson, Blake Wharton, Nico Izzi, and Ryan Sipes.

Both race semis were brought out to the desert. During the season one will house the 250 riders and the other for Millsaps in the 450 class.

The film crew had this trick helicopter for getting some aerial shots of the riders.

Rockstar also brought out Ana Cheri to do some modeling during the morning of the first day. We just couldn't go without showing you a photo of her.

As is the case with any photo shoot, there was some down time in Ocotillo. To pass the time, the riders tossed around a football. Here, Anderson gets the jump on amateur racer Daniel Baker.

Davi Millsaps is new to the Rockstar Energy Racing team for this year, but he already looks very comfortable aboard his new bike. Of all the riders on the trip, Millsaps was one of the most impressive. He repeatedly hit this hip jump, airing it out higher than anyone.

Millsaps managed to make every jump he hit look effortless. As you can see in this photo, there were lots of cameras on hand to get the shot.

Jason Anderson wasn't scared to hit anything the crew came across. He was the first to hit many of the jumps found on the trip. As for 2013, Anderson is looking forward to bettering his finishes from last season.

Ryan Sipes is new to the Rockstar Energy Racing team. For 2013, he will be competing in the 250 West Coast Championship. As a Kentucky native, he's living out in Southern California to prepare for the fast-approaching season. And yes, Sipes can freeride with the best of them.

Going huge off every jump can take it's toll on wheels. After airing it out off one of the bigger jumps found, Davi broke multiple spokes in his rear wheel, forcing him to wait around while someone went back to camp to get a new wheel.

We're not sure how many times Blake Wharton has been out to Ocotillo, but he was styling off the jumps. Next season will be his second year on the Rockstar Energy Racing team.

Mike Mason was among the FMX riders that came out for the trip. Having spent a lot of time out in Ocotillo over the years, the FMX guys knew exactly where to find the good hits.

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6D Helmet Intro

A few weeks back we caught a glimpse at an all-new helmet Wil Hahn was sporting at a local track. Initial information about the helmet was close guarded and we were only the name, “6D.” After weeks of waiting, we headed to the introduction at the GEICO Honda race shop in Corona, CA, where Founders Bob Weber and Robert Reisinger unveiled the new technology.

The 6D’s design introduces a new concept in helmet technology, dubbed “ODS” (Omni-Directional Suspension), which are small rubber bumpers placed between two pieces of standard EPS foam. Using EPS foam, the standard material in helmets, manufacturers are forced to decided between soft foam for slow-speed crashes, or hard foam for high-speed get-offs. Picking one over the other lessens the helmet’s protection in the other realm. This is where the ODS system comes into play. The rubber pieces  absorb low velocity impacts by compressing then expanding, allowing the helmet to dissipate the energy. In the case of a high velocity impact, the rubber bumpers will slow the energy before compressing into the EPS liner, which will absorb the violent power. In private tests fielded by 6D, the design reduces the g-forces on the head by 38-percent, a massive number when it comes to the brain.

The 6D ATR-1 is the first release from the brand, but they are already in the process of crafting a youth version of the ATR-1, a closed-face on-road motorcycle helmet, and lines for numerous cycling disciplines.

The 6D helmet intro took place at GEICO Honda's Corona, CA, race shop. Why there? GEICO Honda management has embraced the new technology and their riders will be the first to wear the all-new lid.

A look at the front of the 6D. With a space between the two EPS liners, there is a constant flow of air passing over the wearer's head.

The shell will be a carbon fiber/Kevlar/polymer blend. It will be built in three sizes and the complete helmets will be offered in six sizes.

A display of the dampers placed between the EPS foam pieces. The dampers are in place to help with low-speed impact, while the EPS focuses on high-speed impact.

The helmet is designed with numerous channels to funnel in cool air and expel the hot air. This massive exhaust vent is in the rear.

While the innards of the helmet are groundbreaking, the outward appearance has drawn the most attention. Areas, such as the Dale Davis' designed chin bar, have garnered an equal share of accolades and criticism.

This is just three of the five vents placed on the crown of the helmet. Cooling should be no issue.

The dual EPS liners separated by the dampeners as it will look inside the helmet.

The suspenders on their own. The technology is patented in US and the first of its kind in motocross. Though still early, many speculate that the concept will carry over into hockey, football, baseball, and more.

Every aspect of the helmet is designed to keep the head moving in case of a crash. The shell is smooth with no sharp edges and the visor will break out of place. By using plastic screws instead of metal, they will shear off.

For now, the 6D will come in two styles: painted with matte finishes or a design made to display the woven fibers.

The 6D will be released to the public in February after the Indy Trade Show. Price is still being determined, but will be in the $725-$775 price range.

6D Helmet Intro at Factory Connection in Corona, California.

Kickstart 4: The Final Chapter – Review on

You know you want it…

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past week or so, you should know that Kickstart 4: The Final Chapter, hit iTunes last week. And thus far, the feedback we’ve gotten from readers via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you!

Dan Dunes at wrote a great review last week…


The latest release in the Kickstart series, Kickstart 4: The Final Chapter produced by Donn Maeda from Transword Motocross, finally arrived on iTunes yesterday, and after watching it my only complaint was the time it took to download. Once I finally got the video downloaded, I got to watch fifty-nine minutes of the best moto-movie I have seen in a while. With a cast that features Chad Reed, Trey Canard, Cole Seely, Wil Hahn, Marvin Musquin, Eli Tomac, Robbie Maddison, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Justin Bogle and the infamous Mr. Ronnie Mac, it’s hard to go wrong, but in my opinion, Maeda hit it out of the park with this one.

When it comes to moto videos, there are a few boxes that have to be checked for me to think that they are worth lightening my bank account. World class riders--check. Great personalities--check. Incredible videography--check. And most importantly, the best riders in the world having fun on and off their dirt bikes--huge check mark on that one. We can watch riders race and spin countless training laps all day long on YouTube for free, but what we seldom see are riders doing what made them fall in love with dirt bikes in the first place: having fun.
Donn Maeda seems to get that, and Kickstart 4 goes way out of the way to feature these kids being kids. Somehow Donn always brings out that side of them better than anyone else in the business. From Maddo and Twitch’s prank wars, to Seely and Hahn trying to score chicks at the mall while rocking a GoPro with a chest mount and their jerseys, to Ronnie Mac trying to bust the perfect 130-foot endo while drinking a six-pack, Kickstart seriously has you wishing it was a lot longer than fifty-nine minutes.
As far as visuals go, the camera work is top notch as are the locations used to shoot. Chad Reed’s and Trey Canard’s backyard tracks are both dreamlands for all of us motocrossers, and the only thing I can try to compare Maddo’s backyard freestyle course to is a video game. The place is incredible. Getting access to these guys' home tracks is definitely another huge plus with the video. They also venture out to Zaca Station with Coury, Hahn and Seely and head out to a sick sand track with Tomac.
Overall, on a five star scale, I would give it a solid 4.0 and definitely recommend Kickstart 4 as a stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday. I would give it a 4.5, but Donn did not have one girl in a bikini in the whole video. Although I'm a fan of fewer gratuitous girly shots and more moto, cutting out girls completely is a mandatory 1/2 point deduction.


Final Round of the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Fall Cup Rescheduled

A low pressure system moved over Southern California late last week and brought much needed showers to locale. While we were stoked for the rain and December feel, it forced us to call off the final round of the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series at Glen Helen. Saturday went off without issue and hundreds of riders showed up to battle in the muck, but rain hammered the track overnight and forced us to pull the plug.

Fear not, loyal racers, as we have rescheduled the race to take place SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15TH. All titles will be up for grabs as the final motos of the year blast off the gate, and at the end of the day we will present the 2012 Yamaha YZ450F to one lucky winner. You must be present to win.

This also gives racers incentive to make a weekend out of the race, as our first annual Holiday GP will be run on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16TH. All details of the TWMX Holiday GP are available here.