Monday Kickstart: Hangtown 2007

By Ryan Cooley, Brendan Lutes, and Josh Allen

There was a lot going on at the first National of the year at Hangtown this weekend, so CLICK HERE to check out the Monday Kickstart photos, news, and notes:

  • Ben Townley’s first U.S. motocross win
  • Stone spray sandwich
  • Villopoto vs. Lawrence
  • J-law’s apology
  • How teams and riders deal with the heat
  • Sean Hackley injured
  • Alpinestars’ neck brace
  • The TWMX tent
  • Lap time monitors
  • New riders, new teams
  • Drew Gosselaar
  • Steve Lamson’s retro CR125
  • Shuffling mechanics at Monster Energy Kawasaki
  • New 2008 gear debuted at Hangtown
  • Moto math
  • Do we really need to tell you there’s “a whole bunch more…”