Monday Kickstart: Lierop, TLD in High Fashion, Moto at Fox, and More

Lierop GP

This weekend marked the final round of the first-ever Womens World Motocross Championship and the second-to-last round of the FIM World MX Championship at Lierop. 20-year-old Livia Lancelot of France clinched the Womens title after going 2-1 at Lierop for the overall GP win. Ashley Fiolek was on hand for the final round at Lierop and managed to score herself a podium spot of her own, going 4-3 on the day for third overall.

Livia Lancelot topped the Women’s podium at Lierop, while the U.S.’ own Ashley Fiolek finished third.

photo courtesy of Youthsteam

In MX1 and MX2 action, Dutchman Marc De Reuver scored the top spot in the MX1 class with a 1-3 finish on the day, while Red Bull factory KTM’s Tyla Rattray went 1-1 in MX2. With this win, Rattray is now leading teammate Tommy Searle by 33 points heading into the final round. David Philippaerts still leads the MX1 points chase with the Belgians Steve Ramon and Ken De Dycker close behind.

Red Bull factory KTM continue to dominate the MX2 podium.

photo courtesy of Youthstream

The final round drops next weekend at the SIDI Grand Prix of Città di Faenza at Faenza, Italy, where Rattray will most likely wrap up the MX2 championship. We will have to wait and see how the MX1 pans out – it’s still anyone’s game in the 450 class.

Be sure to check out some of Bart De Jong’s photos from Lierop HERE.

Moto Meets the Runway?

As you know, TWMX always has its ear to the ground, and we came across an interesting little photo shoot. In the latest issue of Interview Magazine, we found a piece about aerodynamic architecture in the modern design world and how it meets fashion. Basically, it was a bunch of photos of Euro models in Versace and Calvin Klein topped off with lids from Troy Lee Designs, SixSixOne, and One. We thought you’d get a kick out of it.

photos by Fabien Baron

“Modernists are sleek, strong, and fast. And the radical exo-skeletal shapes and aerodynamic silhouettes from today’s most architectural designers are perfect for ladies who mean ‘don’t bug me.'” (Interview, Sept. 2008)

Fox Has It All

Last week, Fox invited Lutes and Kinman over for a private meeting of sorts that really turned out to be an intense mini-moto session on the private track. Fox’s Warren Johnson may beg to differ, but we are sure Lutes posted the fastest lap of the day, while WJ suffered from pinch flats most of the evening.

Bottom line: Fox’s facility is amazing and we are pretty jealous. Complete with SX-style whoops, doubles, perfect berms, and sprinkler system, the Fox Mini Track is by far the best place to take a coffee break from diligent work. Stay tuned for a video from the event featuring one of TWMX‘s newest pieces of camera equipment, the POV.1.

Brendan Lutes lays it down at Fox Racing’s private mini track.