Monday Kickstart : November 5th, 2012

Welcome to the first Kickstart of November. The past week has been eventful in motocross, to say the least, as it was revealed that the Jeff Ward Racing operation would close its doors after just one season, leaving Dean Wilson, and to an extent Kyle Chisholm, without a ride when A1 is two months away. What will happen next? No one is quite sure, as the rumors range from the team continuing in another fashion with co-owner Mike Kranyak to the two riders signing deals quickly with other racing outfits. Stay tuned for more on this.

Nice to see the circumstances haven’t hurt Dean’s sense of humor.

This weekend also marked the start of off-season Supercross racing in Europe, as the Genoa Supercross took place with Justin Brayton, Eli Tomac, Christophe Pourcel, Gautier Paulin, and more racing in the small Italian stadium. Tomac and Brayton exchanged moto wins, and Brayton took the OA with the second moto victory. Gautier Paulin would round off the podium with 4-3 scores while Pourcel suffered from mechanical issues on his now-privateer KTM and finished at the tail of the field.

Eli Tomac took this picture of the Genoa layout.

What else has gone on? It appears that the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team will enter the new season more banged up than ever, as now both Blake Baggett and new signee Justin Hill have suffered injuries to their wrists and arms, while Darryn Durham deals with an Achilles tendon injury. Though other teams and riders may be currently overcoming issues, this is uncharacteristic for the PC squad. One can only imagine what Mitch Payton has planned to right the ship.

Help aid the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts by bidding on one of these three Troy Lee Designs autographed helmets at eBay.

Last week, the East Coast was pummeled by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy, which wiped out numerous areas of seaside towns and left NYC flooded, among other issues. To help aid the the billons of dollars in damage and the mounting costs of running the Red Cross, Troy Lee Designs has put three helmets up for auction at eBay. Ridden in and signed by and  Cole Seely, Christian Criag, and Jessy Nelson, they will fetch an impressive amount of money to help those affected by the storm.

Jessy Nelson Signed TLD Helmet

Cole Seely Signed TLD Helmet

Christian Craig Signed TLD Helmet

If dropping that kind of coin is out of your means, pitch in what you can at the Red Cross’ website.

Catching Up With Darryn Durham

By Brendan Lutes
Photos by Chris Kinman

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Darryn Durham has had a rough year in 2012. Right after getting his first-ever win at the New Orleans round of the East Coast Lites SX series, a crash while testing for outdoors sidelined him with a shoulder injury. Then, only weeks after returning to the track, another crash left him with a cut Achilles tendon and on the sidelines for a few more months. With this in mind, we decided to find out how things have been for Durham and what his plans are for next year.

Darryn got his first-ever win at New Orleans this year, but was injured shortly after while testing.

You recently had just started back riding after a shoulder injury, crashed again, and got injured.
Yeah I had been riding for not even two weeks. But it was more just playing around riding than anything. I was still working on getting my shoulder strong and I ended up having another dumb injury that has set me back a little bit. Now I'm just trying to recover and get healthy.

Looking back a little, what exactly happened to your shoulder?
I was out testing for outdoors during the week before Vegas. It was really windy that day at Comp Edge, and I just got blown over a jump, crashed really had, and endoed. It was a pretty ugly crash. I tore my shoulder up, had surgery to get it fixed, and it put me out for the entire summer. Since then, I've just been trying to get it strong and ready for next year.

In spite of missing most of this year due to injury, Durham will be back with the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team next year.

What was your second most recent injury?
I hurt my Achilles tendon. It was kind of a weird injury. It wasn't really a stretch or tear; it was more of a cut. They sewed it back up and I'm actually putting some weight on it now. I also started physical therapy and I'm hoping to get back on the bike in December some time.

Going further back, you got your first win in Supercross at New Orleans and had to have had some confidence going into the outdoors.
Supercross went really well. I was super consistent, which a lot of people thought that I could never be consistent. I was riding well and got my first win at New Orleans. That was actually the last time that I even raced. After that, I was just testing for outdoors, and I was really confident that I was going to go into outdoors and do really good. One freak crash kind of changed it all. It's all good, though, I'm just going to heal up and focus back on next year.

Durham’s goals for next year are to be consistent and challenge for wins and the title.

Are you back on the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team again next year?
Yeah, I'm going to be back with Pro Circuit. I resigned and will be back next year and the following year as well, depending on if I get bumped to the 450 class.

So you have the possibility of pointing out of the 250 class this next year?
Yeah, if I were to win the championship, I would get pointed out--kind of like what happened to Tickle.

Mitch Payton usually makes the decision on what coast his riders are going to be on at the last minute, but do you have any idea which coast you might be on next year?
It's kind of too early to say, especially with all the other riders on the team. It's just going to come down to who's more prepared. The PC team has a few injuries on it right now, but I think it's better that injuries happen now--if they're going to happen--that way the team isn't screwed for the West Coast. We all have a chance to heal up and possibly be ready for any coast.

The start of the season is still a couple months away, but what are some of your goals for next year?
I really just want to get back out there and race again. It feels like it has been so long for me and I've never really been off for this long. Hopefully I can pick up where I left off. I want to keep trying to win races, make a run for the title, and be consistent. I guess anything short of that, I wouldn't be fully pleased with myself, so I'm going for it.


Photos by Cole King

Fast old dudes from around the globe converged on the legendary Glen Helen Raceway Park this weekend for the MTA Vet World Championships. The action on the track was intense as always, and the spectators lined the gate for the always-exciting 30-Plus Pro class. Won last year by Ryan Hughes aboard a borrowed Honda, this year’s field included the defending champ on a new Suzuki that he built especially for the race, plus surprise entrants Ivan Tedesco and Travis Preston, plus regular front-runners Doug Dubach and Mike Sleeter. In the end, Hughes successfully defended his championship with 3-1 finishes, topping Tedesco’s 2-2 and Preston’s 3-1. Dubach was fifth behind KTM’s Mike Sleeter, but he also trounced the field in the 40-Plus Pro class to earn his 20th Vet World Championship title…

Ryan Hughes used 3-1 moto scores to top the 30-Plus Pro class at the MTA Vet World Championships, held at Glen Helen Raceway Park.

30 PRO

1. Ryan Hughes (Suz)

2. Ivan Tedesco (Kaw)

3. Travis Preston (Yam)

4. Mike Sleeter (KTM)

5. Doug Dubach (Yam)

6. Chris Keefer (Hon)

7. Dennis Stapleton (Kaw)

8. Mark Tilley (Kaw)

9. Beau Baron (Hon)

10. Scotty Trimble (Suz)


Rumors that former 250 National and West Coast SX Lites Champion Ivan Tedesco was going to race proved true when Hot Sauce showed up to make his vet-class debut. Tedesco raced a Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX450F to second overall.

The fastest rider of the weekend was Travis Preston, the former 125cc West Coast Supercross Champion. Presto came through the field and won moto one by nearly 20 seconds. A crash with Hughes in the second moto, though, held him to fifth and third overall.

Doug Dubach won the 40-plus Pro class and in doing so, earned his 20th Vet World Championship. Dr. D also showed up in the 30-Plus Pro class and finished fifth against the “kids.”


Take a close look at Doug Dubach’s race bike, and you’ll see the catalog of DRD parts and accessories. Eagle-eyed readers will notice the wraparound exhaust system, which exits the rear of the cylinder, and – instead of making the “tornado” loop” and exiting the rear – wraps around the left side of the cylinder, around the front, and out the right side. The left-side radiator must be modified to accommodate the exhaust, which is said to help improve handling by locating the muffler further forward.

This photo contains three of our favorite guys in all of motocross. Mike Sleeter (111) is a long-time TransWorld Motocross test rider. These days, he heads up the KTM Orange Brigade amateur program and is an integral player in KTM’s R&D department. Mark Tilley (42) is an Associate Editor at Dirt Bike Magazine, who cut his teeth through the years as a Dirt Bike test rider and also Marketing Manager at Dubach Racing. His son Jacob is bound to be a speedster, and we can’t wait to see if Tilley becomes a mini dad extraordinaire. On the right is Alan Olson, multi-time Vet World Champion and overall badass. Alan wrenched for Chad Reed during his 2004 championship season and was named AMA Mechanic of the Year. This weekend, Olson wrenched for his long-time friend Doug Dubach. If you ever see Alan in the pits, do yourself and introduce yourself…he’s one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet.

Travis Preston spanked everyone in the first 30-plus Pro moto by a good margin, proving that he still has the speed that he’s always been known for. These days, Presto divides his time between testing for the JGR Yamaha team and running the Travis Preston MX School.

Since spending the summer racing the 250 Nationals as a fill-in rider for the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team, Ivan Tedesco has been continuing to help the team with some pre-season testing. No word yet on whether Hot Sauce has found a ride for 2013, but he did have full Pro Circuit support at Glen Helen.

Mitch Payton even came out to watch Tedesco make his Vet-class debut at Glen Helen. Lucky for Tedesco, Mike Alessi is a little too young for the Vet World Championships. Kidding, Mikey…

Ivan Tedesco (9) pulled the holeshot in the first moto and many expected him to pull away with an easy win, especially since he was the only “active” racer in the field. Travis Preston (11) caught everyone off guard by motoring through the field after a so-so start and earning a commanding win.

We’ve seen Ryan Hughes testing his race bike tirelessly over the past few weeks. Ryno debuted his Yoshimura/DRD/factory Connection Suzuki RM-Z450 at the TransWorld Slam a few weeks ago in thrilling fashion, and has been plugging away at Glen Helen ever since.

The Glen Helen circuit was as rough and unforgiving as always, and Hughes demonstrates the proper way to search for faster, smoother parts of the track. It was amazing to watch Hughes blaze down the hill, with his footpeg that close to the side of the hill.

Dirt Rider test rider Kris Keefer finished sixth overall aboard his personal 2013 Honda CRF450R. Keefer also works as a test rider for Yoshimura, and was instrumental in developing the new titanium exhaust system from the highly regarded exhaust factory.

While Hughes and Tedesco piloted very trick, highly modified machines, Travis Preston showed up on what looked like a very stock Yamaha YZ450F, save for some JGR-tuned suspension. If someone gave Preston a ride, we don’t doubt that he could pick up right where he left off in the 450 Nationals.

Ever wonder who the fastest full-time magazine editor is? That honor goes to Dirt Bike Magazine’s Mark Tilley, who finished eighth aboard the DB Kawasaki KX450F test bike. In addition to racing, Tilley was also testing the new ODI Contolled Flex Technology handlebars.

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MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships
MTA Vet World Championships

Photos by Cole King

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SEMA Show 2012

Each year, the biggest manufacturers in the automotive world descend on the massive floor space of the Las Vegas Convention Center for the SEMA Show. Those  involved in the industry get the chance to see the latest products for every style car imaginable, from tuners to lifted trucks to classic American hot rods. In the past few years, the motocross influence has increased more and more, as moto and cars (actually, it is more like trucks) go hand in hand. We scored a pass for this year’s show and immediately started forming a plan to get rich and buy at least one flawless custom ride.

This four-light bar is one of the many offerings from N-Fab. Should we put in for one for our lifted "Grave Digger" Tundra?

N-Fab has a full catalog of side-steps to help you get into your ride.

To get your off-road racing career off on the right foot, you can do no better than a Trophy Kart. With a range of models to choose from, a driver of any age can start in a 250cc or 450cc four-stroke powered truck.

Even the smaller companies, like Rage Powersport Products, have a place at the SEMA Show. Housed upstairs in the South Hall were the off-road truck and power sports segments of the convention and where we spent a good clip of time.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC had a simple display to promote their mail order business in the South Hall.

The guys at N-Fab knew how to win us over...

Though owner Lance Coury was called to set of a movie in Asia where he is a stunt rider early, his father Lance Sr., made sure Moto-Gate was well represented.

Lance's Honda CB500 is lust-worthy. A few of us on staff are suckers for vintage road bikes, and this moto-inspired ride only made our desire for one of our own even more intense.

Tacked onto the tank is "54," which was Lance's racing number before he turned to freestyle.

Pro Taper ATV-Hi bars, grips, and Works Connection levers are the controls for LC's CB500.

The pegs are from the H&H race shop, leftovers from when the team raced Kawasaki's this season.

The list of engine mods are limited, but do include a FMF Racing Apex exhaust.

The front brake master cylinder of the bike is capped with a Works Connection lid.

Lance Sr. and his son's RCH/Dodge/Sycuan Casino/Suzuki bike. Lance does not need the full Yoshimura engine package like Broc Tickle will run, but will modify the bike with cut outs soon.

Both Moose Racing and KTM have ordered custom Moto-Gates for their catalogs.

How badass would it be to pull up to the track in this?

Motocross has infiltrated the car world, due mostly to short-course truck racing. The Magnaflow compound had Jeremy McGrath plastered next to the likes of Chip Foose and Mario Andretti.

Expect short-course to blow up in the coming years. More exciting than rally in our opinions, it will head nationwide with the creation of Robby Gordon's Stadium Super Trucks series in 2013. It is basically the rebirth of the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group's stadium series of the 80's, or our favorite childhood videogame, "Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road."

If you need a quick way to boost the appeal of your ride, you should definitely check into the Magnaflow systems. We have a few on our personal trucks and couldn't be more pleased with results.

Anton's dad could tell you the exact year of this Chevy pick-up, but we can only tell you that we wish we had it in our garage.

The bed of the classic Chevy had this revolver of Magnaflow exhaust systems in its bed.

Each year, paint manufacturer PPG goes all-out with their display. This year's Western theme was no different.

How is this moto-related? Well, PPG and Troy Lee Designs have a long running history with one another, including sponsorship of the TLD/Lucas Oil/Honda race team.

TLD artist Tristan Koepeli is the brains and talent behind this masterpiece.

Spectra Chrome hit this KTM SX-F 450 with their world renowned spray-on chrome system. While this isn't the first time we have seen it (Mike Cinqmars was famous for his red chromed bikes), it is still eye catching.

Spectra Chrome left no area of the bike un-plated or unpolished.

Brian Deegan was everywhere we looked at the show, thanks to his numerous sponsorships in rally and short-course racing. From Ford to Maxxis, the General is a major part of their marketing campaigns.

Akrapovic is more than just a moto exhaust and trick titanium stand company, as their legacy is deeply rooted in the European auto wold.

There were no bikes to be seen in the Honda area of the show, but they did have this American Le Mans car on display. It appears that the partnership between Honda and Muscle Milk is much more widespread in Honda's American racing program than just moto.

For those of us who cannot afford a full race truck, Traxxas has a number of signature RC trucks up for purchase. The one shown here was for Ryan Villopoto's Supercross championship.

With cars and trucks of every possible style, there is something for everyone at Traxxas. RC cars are a good way to kill time at the track, or for those that can no longer ride, a good way to keep the racing urges under control.

In just a few short years, GoPro has risen from niche product to one of the most popular products in the world. Despite this, they still know that racing is a considerable part of their market.

How many cameras can you spot?

The biggest announcement from GoPro in recent weeks was the release of the Hero3 line. Three models with varying features can make anyone the next Spike Jonze.

The 3D Hero display had footage featuring James Stewart on steady rotation. His Haines City paradise never looked so good.

This N-Fab/JGR/Toyota Tundra was parked out front.

Aftermarket audio brand Kicker may have a goldmine on their hands with this system. Designed to use a stock unit and no cab modifications, it makes throwing a sub in your truck much, much easier.

One of the many display vehicles on display at Kicker was TJ Lavin's bomber Mercury. Oh, what MTV paychecks can get a man.

Falk yeah....

House Call: Lucas Oil/MAVTV Studios

Last week we gave you a glimpse of the production lines at the Corona offices of Lucas Oil. Not only does the building create 20% of the product line, it is also the home of the Lucas Oil/MAVTV Studios. What is MAVTV? Find out more now…