Monday Kickstart – November 7, 2011

Catching Up With Jason Anderson
By: Jordan Powell

How has the off-season been going for you?

It's been pretty good. After the last outdoor round at Pala, I took a week off to go back home, but I came back to California after that. I spent some time riding some outdoors to get used to it again, but now I'm back full swing with Supercross.

Didn't you compete in the Idaho Supercross, too?

Yeah. I did some Supercross riding in California for about a week, but I decided I wanted to go out there to see some friends. While I was up there, I decided to race some Supercross. I did all right. I rode my 250, but I didn't know it was an open class [laughs]. The first night I crashed my brains out, but the second night I finished second. It was pretty fun because I got to race with Nick Wey, and he was going really well.

Supercross testing has been full swing for Jason Anderson, and he's looking forward to 2012. Photo: Powell

How was that whole event? Was it pretty fun?

Yeah, it was legit! The track was pretty fun. It was pretty much to spec, but some parts were a little tamed down. Other than that, I was pretty stoked on it. I made some good cash, too.

That race probably had to be good for you because it was a refresher.

Definitely. I need to get as much Supercross in as I can because I kind of struggled last year. As of right now, I feel pretty good. So, I just need to keep things going before the first round.

Now that you have a full season of Supercross under your belt, are things a little easier now?

Well, last year it was pretty hard for me because the way you race is totally different than racing an outdoor track. So, there was a lot of stuff that I had to learn throughout the season. I wouldn't say things are going to be easier, but I know what to expect now.

Anderson will continue to represent Rockstar Suzuki for 2012. Photo: Powell

You're also working with Randy Lawrence now, right? How's that going?

Yeah, I started working with Randy at the beginning of outdoors last year, and he helped me a lot throughout the season. For this year, he's now part of the team. So, he's helping Hunter [Hewitt], Blake [Wharton], and myself. It's a good deal that we have going on, and Randy is awesome. He's been nothing but helpful to me, and he's a good guy to be around.

You were having some struggles in the outdoors, but you started to improve as the season progressed. Did that have to do with your experience, or was that because of Randy?

I think it was a combination of both. I mean, I was struggling for sure, but I think that I started to turn things around at Unadilla. The first moto I finished 11th, but I worked my way all the way up to 7th in the second moto before I took a big digger. After that, Southwick went pretty well and then I struggled with the heat at Steel City. Pala went really well, and it was the best race of the season. I was all the way up to fifth in one moto before I started falling back, but it was good because I was battling the whole time.

After having some struggles in the outdoor season, the young rookie was able to turn thins around at Unadilla. Photo: Powell

It was also your rookie year, and that will probably help you for this year.

All in all, it may not have been the year that I was aiming for, but I definitely learned a lot. I'm just pumped that Rockstar Suzuki stayed behind me, and I can't wait to start a second season with them. Hopefully we can have a better year, and I'm really looking forward to do better in Supercross.

Do you know which coast you're racing yet?

No. I have no idea, as of right now. The goal is to be 100 percent ready by Anaheim I, so we're just going to keep going at it until January.

Last Thursday Troy Lee Designs held an open house at their second boutique store in Laguna Beach, California. There were quite a few big name riders and stars there, but check out the photos below for a more in-depth look at the event.

The first location of a TLD store opened at The Lab in Costa Mesa last year. This location marks the second opening of a TLD store, but this one also serves as a design studio in the basement.

The store opening was packed with people. And as you can see in this picture, there is tons of memorabilia to gawk at while you're shopping.


These very cool open face helmets are available at both store locations.

Troy Lee was on hand to celebrate the store opening. Here he is with Miss Day In The Dirt 2011, Krysten. You can check her out in the recent video from the DITD poster shoot and at the up-coming event.

These go-go boots were worn by Krysten in the soon-to-be-released Day In The Dirt poster.

Kenny Alexander is the man behind Day In The Dirt. Both him and his wife Amber made an evening out of the event and took a break from the endless preparation they have been busy with for DITD.


There is a ton of cool apparel available at the new store.

The entire TLD/Lucas Oils motocross team attended the event. Christian Craig, Cole Seely, and Travis Baker will all be rejoining the team in 2012 and are very busy with testing right now. "There really isn't an off-season anymore," Baker said.

Former desert racer Chris Blais attended the event and brought his Dakar Rally bike to put on display. Recently, the Dakar event made it mandatory for racers to ride aboard 450cc four-strokes rather than the bigger 700-950cc machines. "Even though the bigger bikes were faster, they were almost safer," Blais said. "You could hit huge rocks with the big bike and not even get kicked around. We'd finish days during the event and the mechanics would cut out the spokes, keep the hubs, and throw out the rim."

There are even vintage bikes on display inside the store, adding to the coolness factor.

Team TLD/Lucas Oils semi driver Corey Martin (left) attended the opening to take a break from the busy job of prepping and cleaning the team's rig for the upcoming season. "There's still a lot of work to do even though the season is over," Corey said.

At how many clothing stores do you see a 250cc four-stroke motor on the same display table as fancy jeans?

After the open house at the TLD Store, brand new restaurant Three Seventy Common hosted a private after-party.

The TLD Store has as nearly as much cool stuff to look at that's not for sale as it does price-tagged items. Race bikes, vintage classics, and memoriblila are scattered everywhere.

This 60s era Honda peeks out the front bay window of the store.

Stairs lead down into the Design Center, where much of the premium soft good will be born.

Rightfully so, Steve McQueen watches over the place from LeMans.

With the off-season in full swing, teams and riders are busily testing and preparing for the rapidly approaching 2012 season. With that being said, new tracks are popping up where not only factory riders, but privateers can test and train. We received an email from No Limit MX--a track building and race promotion company based out of Arizona--containing photos of their newest creation. The full-on Supercross track is located just south of Durango, Colorado, and is easily on par with anything that any factory team could ever want or need. No Limit’s Robert Settles told us that the track is going to be home to the new start up R2N Motorsports team and national number 84 Killy Rusk. Not only that, but the track will also be available to any professional racer in need of a place to prepare for Supercross.

This beautiful Supercross track was built outside of Durango, Colorado, by No Limit MX.

If you’re in need of a place to ride, or a track built anywhere in the United States, contact No Limit Racing by clicking on the website below.

Photos below by Chad Guin

no limit sx track.jpg
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