Monday Kickstart (Plus Videos)

Happy Halloween! We’ve got a few tricks and treats up our sleeves today, So settle back, make sure the doors are locked to keep out spooky creatures, and dig in¿

The TWMX offices were a little more haunted than usual today, with a full assortment of costumed characters. There was also pumpkin carving contest, and proofreader Dave’s kick-in-the-head concept earned him high marks and top honors¿well, at least for the pumpkins that we can actually show, that is. The rest? You’ll just have to use your imagination. Check out the photos for more spookiness (and a guide to see who’s who on the TWMX staff).

First, old business. Last week we had a Caption Contest for a shot of Davi Millsaps and his two-handed bowling style. There were plenty of variations on the theme of, “And to think, Ricky has two of them this big¿” (Matt Fisher). But the one we liked the best came from John W., who had the winning entry with, “It took balls this big to leave DeCoster.” John scores a Rock Star Energy T-shirt for his efforts.

Ryan Capes broke the world record motorcycle distance jump last weekend in the Pacific Northwest, with a 310-foot, four-inch blast. That beat Trigger Gumm’s previous record of 277 feet, and no matter how you cut it, that’s a loooooong time in the air. Just like everyone else, we’re waiting on the photos and pics to show up at, but there are already some photos up at

In case you haven’t noticed it’s been a PR war between the Toyota AMA National Arenacross series (which is produced by Clear Channel); and the new K&N FilterspresentsBooKoo Arenacross Championship Series, which also now features a powered by sponsorship from Toyota. That series is headed by Mike Kidd, who founded the Arenacross series, before it was sold off to Clear Channel, and¿he had to sit out a non-compete clause before starting anew with Advanstar. Whew! Got all that?

Anyway, the AMA/Clear Channel series launched last weekend in Albany, NY. The revised format has competitors riding only one class each night, rather than two. with Yamaha-mounted Chad Johnson getting the early jump on everyone by taking the win both nights in the premier big-bore class. Brock Sellards and John Dowd traded second and third spots over the two nights. In the Lites class, Kawasaki-mounted Shawn Clark took the win both nights, over Damian Plotts.

The AMA series moves to Des Moines, IA, this weekend, while the Boo Koo series starts its series off next Friday and Saturday, in Forth Worth, TX. So far, the real winners of this war looks like the riders and fans.

Back in the SX arena, we’ve heard a rumor that all the Factory Hondas will be sporting Yoshimura pipes in ’06, and on the clothing front, that you’ll see the Rock Star Energy squad in Shift gear.

One thing we know for sure is that Ivan Tedesco is completely undecided about which bike (250 two-stroke, or 450 thumper) he’ll be riding in ’06. Swap caught him on a 450 at the MotoSport Outlet SX track last week, and you can see the video evidence for yourself, all without having to wait until Thursday, and Thursday Theater. There are two videos, one riding his new number nine, and another interview clip. To get to the videos, you can click the individual link in the right column, or click the Video link on the left to get to our ever-growing collection of movies.

To view the videos, you’ll need the latest version of Quicktime, which works for both Mac and PC, is available as a free download at

Ivan Interview Video Specs: Running time: 4:40/File size: 8.6 MB.
Ivan Riding Video Specs: Running time: 1:53/File size: 3.5 MB.

We haven’t seen or heard much from Ezra Lusk lately, but he and Bremen Race Park are working together on a benefit ride for Clay Mathis, who was injured not long ago. November 19th will be a ride day at Bremen, with celebrity gear auctions. On Sunday, November 20th, Ezra will host a riding school at Bremen to raise additional funds, and you can get more info at, and for riding school reservations, or more info, you can e-mail

Okay, it’s about Trick or Treat time for us, so we’ll wrap up this abbreviated round of Kickstart. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our staff’s Halloween alter egos, be sure to check out those Tedesco videos, and don’t forget to check back for more during the week on