Monday Kickstart, Red Bud 2006


This weekend, round five of the AMA Toyota National Motocross Series rolled into the small town of Buchanan, Michigan. And although it rained a little on raceday, nothing could stop the Red Bud faithful from coming out to witness the action. With James Stewart returning to racing in the Motocross Class and Ben Townley, along with others, returning in the MX Lites Class, things were bound to be exciting. But for more on the actual racing action, check out the race report from yesterday. This is Monday Kickstart, and this is where we fill you in on everything that happened behind the scenes.

For this week, we are once again trying a new format. Rather than having the photos go down a column on the right-hand side of the page, we are going to put all of them—along with captions—in a photo gallery. It makes it much easier, and also a little less confusing. Now you can just click your way through, and read as you go. Enjoy!