Monday Kickstart – St. Louis SX 2012

After injuring his wrist last season, Justin Barcia has begun to use the All Sport Dynamics brace on both wrists. Barcia has a wide assortment of colorways and has a different brace almost every time he hits the track.

What is a podium shot without a promo girl?

The Pro Circuit team has these trick lights attached to their toolboxes to keep the work area bright enough when the pit lights are dimmed.

The past two weeks have been a down swing for Mike Alessi. After notching a fourth place finish at Dallas, the MotoConcepts rider finished outside of the top ten at both the Atlanta and St. Louis rounds. He is currently tenth in the overall points standing.

Malcolm Stewart graces the cover of TWMX's April issue. "Mookie" was stoked to have both the first and final pages of the issue that will be on shelves and in mailboxes soon.

With Nico Izzi out due to a wrist injury, the Star/Valli/Rockstar/Yamaha team has given Weston Peick the vacant bike. Peick charged through the LCQ but missed transferring to the main event by one position.

Ricky Carmichael was spotted giving Ken Roczen tips on how to race on the St. Louis soil. Carmichael scored the final Supercross win of his career at the Edward Jones Dome in 2007 and praised the dirt throughout the evening to both riders and the television crew.

Former racer David Vuillemin has begun to coach Nick Wey, Nick Paluzzi, and Marvin Musquin, among others, in 2012.

Nick Wey has begun to find his flow as the Supercross season continues on. Wey's tenth place finish in the main event came after the Michigan native won the LCQ over Gavin Faith. Wey in currently fourteenth in the point standings.

The St. Louis layout included the over-under tunnel obstacle. While some cleared the entire tabletop, many elected to simply leap on, preloaded the suspension to step off and would then land on the roller in the rhythm section that followed.

The track covered the majority of the stadium's floorspace, but the fast, flowing sections kept the lap times in the low fifty second range.

After making his 200th main event start in Atlanta, Kevin Windham's St. Louis butt patch rolled the odometer another number.

Justin Bogle dons a fresh set of Oakley goggles each time the Supercross rookie takes to the track. Six pairs of goggles at $70 each comes out to $420, minus tearoffs.

The Ohlins USA/Langston Motorsports/KTM team run these trick Zeta levers on their SX-F 250s. The Japanese brand is known for it's aluminum accessories.

Ohlins is a suspension giant in Europe and can be spotted on many bikes, snowmobiles, and four wheelers around the world, as well as Zach Osborne's Yamaha YZ 250F.

The Mandingo Mafia is still spreading throughout the pits and the family owned company and it's pickles are currently in talks with major grocers throughout the North. A fresh case was placed on our doorstep just last week.

Part of Muscle Milk's promotional strategy is aligning itself with local retailers in the market their athletes will compete in. The rider's jersey and towels are then labeled with the retailer's logo.

Ryan Villopoto's Monster Energy Kawasaki is another bike with multiple settings for the holeshot device. Rider and mechanic take the starting area and it's grip in to account before locking the device in place.

The FIM's use of WADA and it's procedures were used again this weekend. Justin Barica, Ken Roczen, and Ryan Villopoto were all quarantined after their main events.

Ken Roczen held off Justin Bogle for the length of the main event en route to his second place finish. Roczen is down eighteen markers to Barica in the overall standings.

Jake Canada's sixth place finish in the main event showed the MotoConcepts racer's potential. Canada, much like many of the MCR teammates, spent the off season nursing an injury.

Ken Roczen's Fox butt patch was to support his friend Chad Reed. Reed underwent surgery last week to repair the torn ACL he received in his Dallas crash.

Darryn Durham is another one of the many racers using the All Sport Dynamics wrist brace. Durham finished fourth in the night's main event.

St. Louis marked the debut of Kyle Peters. The Star/Valli/Rockstar racer is still on the mend from a shoulder injury but said that he feels comfortable enough to race. His night ended after a hard get-off in the LCQ.

Doctor Steve Navarro can be spotted in various pit areas throughout a typical Saturday. Here he relaxes Blake Wharton just before the main event.

To keep their bodies loose in between races, many riders spin bike or row in order to stay active.

Jeff Ward Racing co-owner Lucas Mytrl was also freestyle rider Jim McNeil's agent and friend. The doors to the team trailer are adorned with a memorial to the fallen freestyle athlete.

Once the pit party is closed and all fans have been ushered out, the appearance of pit area changes drastically. Gone are the barricades which keep the fans at bay, along any promotional displays, which results in a barren area.

Justin Brayton's podium finish comes after weeks of therapy and work to repair the American Honda Muscle Milk rider's fractured leg. Brayton was at the top of the leader board in practice on numerous occasions in what is considered his "hometown race."

James Stewart used his Answer pants as a promotional tool for his Twitter account.

To celebrate his Atlanta feat of 200 main events, Kevin Windham had is entire family on hand to share the moment. Feld presented Windham with the plastic panel from his Atlanta starting gate, which was signed by his competitors.

Beam Designs of Las Vegas are the ones behind Josh Hansen's Misfits/Agent Orange/Dead Kennedy's Fox V4 lid.

Kyle Chisholm was the lone rider under the JWR awning. Josh Grant is slated to return to racing this weekend in Daytona.

Jeff Ward's 1982 "works" Kawasaki was on loan from the historic bike's owner. It is incredible to see the changes bikes have made in 30 years.

There were a few tense moments in the final 450 practice session of the day after Kyle Partridge crashed coming out of the tunnel. The lanky H&H racer had to be carried off of the track after his violent crash, which broke his foot, his C3 and C4 vertebrae, and snapped his handlebars. Partridge was rushed to a local hospital to repair his damaged foot, which was lacerated on the sole.

As the tour heads East, we are seeing a spike in pick up kit sightings. We could have dedicated this entire post to the various jersey-jean combinations we spotted in the pit area.

DVS Shoes moto team manager Dano Legere has been hired by Feld as a hype man. The former "Temptation Island" star is a natural when it comes to fan interactions.

See you in Daytona...