Monster Energy Buys Ryan Capes A New Jump Ramp!

CARLSBAD, Calif., (Dec. 14, 2006) — Ryan Capes, by far the reigning king of all motorcycle jumpers, just got a nice Christmas gift this past week from his main sponsor – Monster Energy.

“Monster bought me a new ramp, said Capes with a cat-like grin. “Sky’s the limit with this one. I’ll go 400 feet for sure.

Whittled down a couple degrees in height and pitch from Capes’ old ramp, the new Monster Energy world record take-off ramp is destine to send Capes into the stratosphere.

“We put a lot of thought and engineering into this new one, said Capes. “The take-off is not as abrupt and it won’t throw me quite as high as my 310-foot jump (ramp), but I’ll be able to hit it a LOT faster, somewhere in the area of 90 mph — 5th gear wide open — to hit 400 feet according to our mathematics. And I’ll be coming in like a fighter jet for the landing, instead of dropping out of the sky.

On Capes’ world record jump set last year he reached a height of 59′-6 off the ground. The new jump he can hit at the same speed, but due to the design his engineers calculate it’ll send him out considerably further (with less loft).

“The plan is to have it set up in a secret location in the Pacific Northwest to test it out the second week in January, said Capes. “My contract with Monster is for me to break my existing record next year. I figure I’ll warm up with some 250 to 280-foot jumps, then
might go ahead and break the world record then.

Capes said his next big scheduled public jump will be sometime in February. And though the place and time hasn’t been announced, Capes said for sure that Monster Energy semis packed with product for the fans will ‘Fill the Gap’ between his new ramp and his trusty landing scaffold.

And in addition to his new record, Capes (who’s hoping to sign a new bike deal here soon) will also work to break both the four-stroke and two-stroke distance records.

“I have a feeling that when I start practicing in January a couple of records will be broken right away, he said. “And a 300-plus foot seat grab isn’t out of the question. I know I can do it.

Again, check out Capes on the Discover Channel’s “Stunt Junkies program. For clips, link to:

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