Monster Energy Energy Drink new title sponsorship of InnovativeMX factory backed race team

Newport Beach, CA 12-03-2007 — InnovativeMX announced today that Monster Energy Energy Drink will be the title sponsorship of InnovativeMX’s factory backed race team.”It is obvious that Monster Energy’s management is passionate about motorcycle racing. We look at them as an engaged partner who really understands our racing program. commented Jeremy Maul, President of InnovativeMX, adding: “Their customer demographics are a match for our target audience and it will be the perfect fit for our race team.

About InnovativeMX:
The amateur side of Motocross is our key factor at InnovativeMX. We will take great pride in being involved with the amateur scene and for great reasons. Amateur Motocross is the foundation of the sport and is also the manufactures main source of revenue. With this importance in mind, InnovativeMX has teamed up with the biggest names in our sport; Monster Energy, Yamaha, Oakley, Gaerne and much more. With having started relationships with the largest companies in our industry, we have only set ourselves up for success. Being selected to ride for InnovativeMX’s amateur program will be known in the amateur world as a “factory ride. This factory ride will speak for itself from the quality, effort and craftsmanship demonstrated by InnovativeMX to be the best we can be. Our objective at InnovativeMX is to help ALL the amateur kids we can. We will offer every rider a support ride, we will use our budget accordingly and pass the savings down to the kids that make our sport what it is today. By doing this; we’ll promote growth for all the companies involved and allow more publicity for team sponsors.