Monster Energy & Slednecks Team Up For 2007 Tour

CARLSBAD, Calif., (Jan. 22, 2007) -- Two action sports industry giants have teamed up to bring together what’s going to amount to one amazing demo tour as energy drink leader Monster Energy and freestyle snowmobile legend Slednecks shook hands this week on the upcoming 2007 Monster Energy/Slednecks Invasion Tour!

With venues and dates yet to be announced, the Monster Energy/Slednecks Invasion Tour will showcase both snowmobile and motorcycle freestyle jumping, featuring the world distance snowmobile jumping record holder, Paul Thacker, and the world’s top all-around snowmobiler, Chris Burandt. Freestyle dirt bike jumpers and alternative music will round out the demo, geared towards the 13-34 age market.

“Slednecks is taking its backcountry and freestyle snowmobile revolution to mainstream demos, said John Keegan, founder of Slednecks. “The progression of the sport you see highlighted in our videos (Slednecks 1-9), the huge cliff jumps, gaps and freestyle maneuvers, will all be part of the Monster Energy/Slednecks Invasion Tour.

Cool thing about the tour, according to Keegan, is that it’ll run winter, summer, spring or fall. “We don’t have to have snow. We can show up and run it anywhere, anytime, said Keegan.

Added Monster Energy’s Mark Hall: “Although we’re in the early stages of planning I really like what I’m seeing. Freestyle on snowmobiles is insane and it’s something that’s been exclusive to areas with snow, and/or seen only in videos by many. We intend to change that with the Monster Energy/Slednecks Invasion Tour.

The Monster Energy/Slednecks Invasion Tour will consist of four events for 2007. For more information, including venues and dates, keep an eye on both and

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