Monster Energy Sponsors Award at 2007 Xtremey Awards

CORONA, Calif., (April 12, 2007) – With the extreme powersports’version of the Academy Awards a little less than a month away, MonsterEnergy has stepped up to sponsor the popular event that for the past seven years has honored the best-of-the-best in the gas & gravity world of extreme sports.

“The Xtremeys have become a highly anticipated staple event within theextreme powersports industry,” said Joe Parsons, Senior MotorsportsMarketing Manager for Monster Energy. “The staff at Impact Video do an excellent job not only identifying the year’s standout extremepowersports athletes and moments, but also in putting on one heck of anshow to honor our sport’s participants.

“Monster Energy is pumped to be associated with this year’s Extremey Awards.”

Highlighting the event for Monster Energy, in addition to the awardsthe athletes it sponsors will bring home, will be a specialyet-to-be-named Xtremey/Monster Energy award.

“No doubt the Monster Energy award will be associated with MONSTER something,” said Parsons. “Something REAL big. Stay tuned.”

The eighth annual Xtremey Awards is set for May 8th at Santa Ana’s(Calif.) OC Pavilion. For more information on the event link to:

Monster Energy supports the sport. Be it motocross, FMX, rock crawling,off-road, quads, sleds – name it – the athletes are rockin’ MonsterEnergy more than anything these days. Check out all the flavors – Original Monster Energy, Monster Lo-Carb, Monster Assault and the newMonster/fruit juice hybrid called “Khaos.” Everybody at the Xtremeyswill be diggin’ ’em – so will you. On the ‘Net at

Impact Video Xtremey Awards would like to thank them for their involvement support of the awards and for their support of our extreme sports filmmakers.