Monster Energy “X Pilots” Heads South Of The Border To Levitate at Mexican Baseball Stadium

CORONA, Calif., (June 26, 2007) – Call it El Loco Estadio this weekend as a normally reserved Calimax baseball stadium in Tijuana, Mexico, is about to get punched right in the pitcher’s mound with a Monster Energy-fueled X Pilots freestyle motocross display that’s certain to fill up to the ballpark up brim with action sports junkies from LA to Cabo.

One of the great Monster Energy riders that will competing in this event is Monster’s very own Kyle Loza. Kyle has been officially invited to the X Games. Read it again if you want its right Kyle will be competing in Moto X best trick at X Games 13 slated for August 2nd 2007 this summer at Staples Center in Los Angeles, Ca. Viva X Pilots. I have been to Mexico a couple times over this last year riding Baja and doing a jump show for Monster Energy at the Horsepower Ranch Baja 500 party they throw each year. Crossing the border is always an adventure and I am excited to do a show like this in Tijuana. I can’t wait to see a stadium full of crazed Mexican fans pumped on Monster Energy.

“Sombreros, Monster Energy and FMX in Tijuana? Where do I sign up?, said American FMX pilot Greg Hartman on this weekend’s Monster Energy X Pilots Freestyle Motocross International. “Seriously, I’m pumped to be going down to Mexico with Monster for this and guarantee the place will be packed and the fans will have a riot!”

¿Dónde venden las entradas? (How do you get tickets?) Tickets are available at the stadium box office and at the website (hope you can read Spanish) and all Toogino’s Pizzerias. Gringos should be advised to cross the border early and, if you’re planning on purchasing insurance, do it online before you go.

¿Cómo se va al estadio? (Where is the stadium?) It’s in Tijuana, bro. Ask the border guards, they hang out there all the time.

The ‘official’ Monster Energy X Pilots Freestyle Motocross International checklist!

  • Make for damn sure you’ve got your ID
  • Bring all sorts of MX stickers as they’re similar to money
  • Your cell should work in TJ, pack your camera as well
  • Bring an air horn or chain saw (fueled w/ chain removed)
  • Bring a bunch of friends
  • Cash
  • Plenty of Monster Energy!

The contest will feature 11 American and international riders, including Monster’s Kyle Loza and his traveling buddy, Greg Hartman. The format will be two rounds of eight jumps for each rider, top three go to the finals.

In addition the always gnarly FQMX – Quad freestyle – will go off at intermission. There’s also a kids race and fireworks. Bottom line: It’s a south-of-the-border blast!

Again, if you’re heading down from the States, for more information on the X Pilots Freestyle Motocross International events, link up to their website at:

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