Monster Energy’s Adam Jones Jumps Over The Atlantic Ocean…

¿and right into second place overall at Vienna FMX event!

CARLSBAD, Calif., (Feb. 20, 2006) ¿ International Freestyle Motocross Association tour points leader Adam Jones took his Monster Energy-backed show abroad and had the Euro-paying Euros at Vienna’s Stadthalle standing their with their mouths agape when he busted out the Cordova Back Flip ¿ a trick that the Austrian event publicist said “Completely defies logic.”

Dubbed “The Night of Jumps,” Jones put together a masterful performance, only to be topped by Swiss great Mat Rebeaud for the overall title. Said Jones of the event: “The fans over in Europe are insane about freestyle. I’ll be coming back here often, and packing more Monsters next time because they went crazy over those as well!”

Note: Jones had landed the first-ever Cordova Back Flip earlier this month (Feb. 2) at the Tacoma (Ore.) Dome ¿ en route to a win there and giving him a 47-point advantage over second place in the overall IFMA points chase at the time. However, Jones chose to not compete in the last event ¿ Dallas ¿ and slipped to third overall in the IMFA points chase with the DNS.

“No worries,” said Jones. “I pretty much killed it at every other IFMA events. I had Vienna’s Night of Jumps on my schedule for some time and knew I’d miss winning the championship.”

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