Monster Energy’s Metz Does It!

Mike Metzger — the Godfather of freestyle motocross — stomps the landing on a mind-blowing back flip over the fountain at Caesar’s Palace

CARLSBAD, Calif., (May 5, 2006) In front of a mega worldwide audience “Live” on ESPN, Monster Energy’s Mike Metzger pulled off the biggest freestyle motocross stunt to date when he back flipped over the legendary fountain at Caesar’s Palace (Las Vegas, NV) and into the Guinness Book of World Records with the longest motorcycle back flip ever — 125 feet.

“YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!,” exclaimed Metzger moments after he stuck the landing on the just insane jump. Metz then hopped off his bike and grabbed his wife and kids, his much-relieved parents in the background.

“Monster Energy is extremely proud of Mike Metzger and his accomplishment tonight,” said Monster Energy spokesman Scott Sepkovic. “Look for even more from Mike this summer when he tours the country with his new Monster Energy-backed freestyle team.”

Monster Energy supports the sport. Be it FMX, surf, motocross, skate, snow, BMX — name it — the athletes are rockin’ Monster Energy more than anything these days. Check out all the flavors — Original Monster Energy, Monster Lo-Carb, Monster Assault and the new Monster/fruit juice hybrid called “Khaos.” Mike Metzger digs it — so will you. On the ‘Net at

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