Monster Energy’s Motorcycle Distance Jumping King Ryan Capes Set To Destroy More Records!

CARLSBAD, Calif., (Feb. 6, 2007) — Monster Energy’s guy that goes bigger than anybody else – the jaw dropping Ryan Capes – is set to open the 2007 motorcycle distance jumping season with yet another record-breaking attempt, Feb. 25th at the Toe’s MX Park Huckfest in Royal City, Wash.

Capes, the world distance record holder and first human ever to jump a motorcycle over the seemingly invincible 300-foot barrier, will attempt to launch his new Pro Circuit-tuned Kawasaki KX450F nearly 250 feet though the air — and pull a “Hart Attack in the middle of the jump. Freakin’ insane.

“It’s going to be ridiculous, said Capes is summing up the jump.

The current ramp-to-dirt with a trick record holder is Robbie Madison who jumped 246 feet, with a Hart Attack, in Australia in May of 2005. Capes says he’s been jumping 200 feet consistently in preparing for his record attempt and, with his new Monster Energy take-off ramp, says that the record will be well within his reach.

“I’ve been hitting my new Monster ramp at about 60 miles per hour for the 200-foot range, said Capes. “We calculate that I’ll have to hit it at about 75 miles per hour to get the height and distance to break the record. Everything should work out perfect.

Capes added that the ramp’s got some good “pop at the shorter distances, event though it was built for 300 to 400-foot jumps.

In addition to the jump, the Huckfest will feature mini bike and big bike freestyle competitions, a Huck competition and Capes’ marquee record attempt to wind up the show. Capes will also be on hand and Moses Lake Powersports on Saturday, Feb. 24th, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. to sign autographs.

If you’re up in the Pacific Northwest, pull out all the stops to see Monster Energy’s Capes jump. The guy’s unbelievable. For more info on the Huckfest, link to:

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