Monster Energy’s Pourcel 2nd In MX2 Class @ Saint Jean d’Angely GP (France)

The World Championship was back in Europe this weekend two weeks after Japan, and on their home track of Saint Jean d’Angely the French riders didn’t collect any win. Christophe Pourcel finished runner-up in the MX2 class, while Sébastien got the seventh place in the MX1 class.

Christophe got a holeshot and won his qualifying race on Saturday, and entered first on the starting grid for the races. He choose a place in the middle of the grid for the opening one, but missed a good start as he was around the tenth place in the first corner. Sixth after the first lap, he needed seven circulations to come back second behind Cairoli, who was strongly leading the race. Second behind Cairoli, he had a better start in the following one as he got a second place behind his main rival. During a few laps he put pressure on Cairoli, but later couldn’t hold his rythmth and secured another second position behind the Italian kid. Gregory Aranda qualified in ninth position, crashed in the opening lap of the first heat and later scored two points.

Second of the MX1 qualifying period Sébastien Pourcel missed his first ever pole position by seven cents of a second, as Tanel Leok did a faster lap in his last attempt. On Sunday after a bad start in the opening heat Sébastien was tenth during a few laps, and then produced an impressive effort to come back fourth behind Coppins, Philippaerts and Ramon. His second start was much better as he came second behind Mackenzie, with Coppins and Ramon chasing him. Both passed him during the fourth circulation, and unfortunately Seb crashed while trying to pass back Ramon. Seventh after this incident, he will finish ninth of the heat and seventh of the GP.

Christophe Pourcel. ‘On saturday the track was not so interesting as it was flat, today was a littl bit better but it was too fast and dangerous in some places. I missed a good start in the first race, I did a wheeling and lost time. Then I pushed to come back second, but Cairoli was far away and it was impossible to close the gap. I took another place on the starting line for the next race, came second and followed Antonio during a few laps. Then I had troubles with blisters on my left hand, twice I lost the handle bar and Antonio secured his win’

Sébastien Pourcel. ‘I had a bad start in the opening heat, and during the first part of the race I struggled to find the good lines and the good rhythm. At mid race it was much better and I came back fourth, that means that my physical condition is good. I had a great start in the second heat but once more I didn’t took the good rythmth, did a stupid mistake when Ramon passed me and then felt tired. I didn’t slept too much last night as there was a pop music concert in the camping site, and I’m unhappy as I would like to do two good races in a row’

Patrick Geladé. ‘ Of course we’re a little bit desappointed, it’s so nice to win! Christophe had a bad start in the first race but came back strongly, and we were expecting may be a win in the next one. He was strong but Antonio was faster and had better lines, it was his day. But Chris was not far, and we’ll continue to work hard. Seb had a great first race, then got a good start and I was scared in the first laps as he wanted to stay with Coppins and Ramon. May be it would have been better to keep some energy for the rest of the race, after his crash he was inconsistant with two fast laps and then two slow laps. It’s not a bad GP, he is seventh of the event and fifth in the standings, it’s our goal in this class. Greg was not enough competitive, he scored two points in the last race but we expect more from him as his place is in the top fifteen’

Roger Pourcel. ‘ We had many visitors this weekend, numerous fans came to ask for posters and cheer the riders. Christophe had a bad start in the opening race, and as he and Antonio have a similar speed it’s impossible to come back if Antonio start in front, especially on a fasst and short track. In the second race he had humid gloves and lost some skin, it was difficult for him but even if everything was OK it’s not sure that he could beat Antonio. Seb did a great first moto, he pushed in the second part of the race to collect the fourth place. He had a good start in the next heat, but pushed too hard in the first laps and felt tired. He’s not physically prepared at the moment to give his best in the opening laps’