Moto Crossover | Motocross And Mountain Biking Collide

The relationship between motocross and mountain biking has never been closer. Professional racers have added the rigorous pedal-powered discipline into their training programs, and those on the MTB circuit burn laps at the motocross track between sessions on the hills. Both circles admire and respect what the other can do, but rarely do the two meet on the same terrain. Until now, that is. Fox Shocks shuttled two of the biggest names in both sports to a spot in the mountains for a crossover shoot unlike anything we’ve seen before. Watch in awe as Ronnie Renner and Cam McCaul conquer the biggest hits tucked away in Virgin, Utah…

Like what you see? We’d like to announce that the contents of our March issue, which will look at this shoot and the crossover occurring between the sports and  include a behind the scenes look at this shoot. The story, penned by Ronnie Renner and captured by Chris Wellhausen, Photo Editor at our sister publication TransWorld Snowboarding, describes the process that went into making the days in Utah a success.

The March 2014 of TransWorld Motocross will be landing at newsstands and inside mailboxes soon.