Moto Ink

Tattoos are quite commonplace in motocross; all you have to do is stroll through the pits at a National and you’ll find ink on most of the factory superstars. Here at TransWorld Motocross, quite a few people are inked up as well, with Garth easily having the most. Big Girth has full sleeves on both arms, a piece on his stomach and chest, and is planning on getting more on his feet when his tattoo artist comes back into town. While Garth’s don’t necessarily have a moto theme to them, we know that there are quite a few of you out there that do in fact have a few motocross tats—we’ve seen you at the Nationals. So with that in mind, we’re asking you to send photos of your favorite moto-related pieces of artwork, with a little description, and we’ll post up a gallery of the best next week. And no, this isn’t another April Fools modeling joke where we’ll ruin you for showing a little skin, we just want to see some cool tats! Send your photos to Lutes at