Moto Stuff 280mm Front Brake Kit

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Application: Most late model motocross bikes (tested here on a 2014 Suzuki RM-Z450)
Price: $318

What good is a fast bike if you can't stop? Arguably one of the most over-looked upgrades to any motocross machine is good brakes, which is difficult to understand considering strong, progressive brakes can actually improve your lap times. Strong brakes can allow you to charge further into corners and apply the brakes later, improving your corner speed immensely. This 280mm brake rotor kit from Moto Stuff is designed to improve braking power while still maintaining a progressive controllable feel. This 400 series stainless steel rotor is laser cut for precision, and heat treated for strength. The bracket that comes with the rotor is machined from 6061 aluminum and hard anodized for durability. All told, Moto Stuff claims the rotor is one pound lighter than the floating stock rotor.

-Lighter than stock
-Installation is easy
-Braking power is improved immensely and makes stopping for corners that immediately follow jumps much easier
-Power is progressive and doesn't lock up when the lever is aggressively pulled
-Durability and strength is excellent. We haven't experienced any issues with the rotor bending or wearing out
-Factory appearance will enhance the look of any bike
-Used by Team Honda Muscle Milk and GEICO Honda
-When compared to what it takes to make a bike faster, this rotor kit to slow it down is far less expensive

Moto Stuff 280mm Front Brake Kit

The kit comes with a hard anodized 6061 aluminum hanger, which is needed to accommodate the over-sized rotor.

-We have yet to find any performance misses. This rotor kit really delivers
-Larger rotor doesn’t fit into many plastic rotor guards

When it comes to ways to improve your bike and your lap times, this rotor kit should be at the top of the list. Not only is it strong and durable, but the increased power that doesn't lock up the front wheel will make going deep into corners a lot easier. Also considering that factory teams use this rotor kit, you can roll up to the starting line with the confidence of knowing it is a truly race-tested product.

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