Moto Tassinari V-Force 2 Reed Valve

PRICE: $148.00

[IMAGE 1]Aftermarket reed valves, in general, are fast becoming a rider’s favorite choice for quick, bolt-on performance. Not visually noticeable as other aftermarket performance products, the Moto Tassinari V Force 2 reed valve is definitely felt more that it’s seen. The 2001 YZ250 already has a good motor and adding the V Force 2 only made it better. With twice the reed tip area of a stock reed cage and proprietary carbon fiber petals, our bike became wide-awake with a strong, crisp feel.

Still using stock gearing, our YZ developed quicker throttle response off the bottom. It even took a few corners for our test riders to get re-acquainted with the bike’s new personality. The mid-range gained more power but still had that electric feel that’s become a trademark of the 2YZ50. At the top, the V Force 2 let the bike rev considerably longer through the rpm range. This was particularly evident in sections of tracks that usually required a quick visit to a higher gear. With the V Force 2, entering and exiting a corner in the same gear became an option. The V Force 2 allowed better range and versatility with all gears, most notably in second and third.

This valve is best suited for the rider who likes sensitive throttle control off the bottom and has a tendency to overrev the motor on top. The V Force 2 is also useful for the lazy rider who doesn’t want to shift up a gear for those last 20 yards before a corner. Before installing the V Force 2, make sure your bike is properly jetted to fit your geographic area. We found the same jetting adjustments used with our stock valve worked fine with the V Force 2.
Rating: 9
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