Moto Wars¿ To Join Crusty Demons Global Assault Tour 2004

Motorized Madness, Mayhem and Metal Gladiators Unleashed!

(June 11, 2004) – MOTO WARS¿, a live action show that combines motorcycles, gladiators and warring tribes set in a post-apocalyptic world has joined The Crusty Demons Global Assault Tour 2004, the most ambitious and mind bending action sport extravaganza to ever be staged in the United States.  Fresh off a sold-out Australian tour, the 22-city U.S. Crusty Demon Global Assault Tour begins on June 22 and runs through July 22.  Tickets are available at Ticketmaster and the tour web site at

¿MOTO WARS features professional Hollywood stuntmen bringing to life a heartless world of motorized mayhem,¿ said Coy Jordon, creator of MOTO WARS.  ¿Spectators can expect intense hand-to-hand and bike-to-bike combat as they play out a gladiator fantasy where War Pigs, Z Lords and Iron Squad battle for the ultimate weapon controlled by the Tri Lateral Government in a godless land.¿

Sporting an impressive lineup of freestyle motocross (FMX) living legends, the multi-million dollar Crusty Demons Global Assault Tour production is a fully choreographed spectacular featuring amazing stunts, pyrotechnics, heart pumping light and sound show, DJs, and the ¿Crusty Demon Divas¿, all set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world.  The Crusty Tour was described by MX Machine Magazine as the “greatest freestyle show in the world, ever.¿

The tour is the first of its kind to showcase FMX legends performing synchronized riding and never-before-seen maneuvers like the worlds first, and only, back flip chain, eight riders consecutively going off a jump alternating tricks and back flips and the debut of bike-on-bike combat for MOTO WARS.  Traditional sporting facilities across the U.S. will be transformed into the under world of freestyle motocross, replete with the world¿s most advanced monster jumps and mobile landing ramps.

Following record-breaking ticket sales in New Zealand, the Crusty Demons Global Assault Tour will span both coasts starting West and finishing up on the East coast, with seats priced from $17.50 to $49.50 in most cities.  The show is to last roughly 2 1¿2 hours with the action beginning at 7:30 p.m.  Tickets are available through Ticketmaster and the tour¿s website at with most stops expecting to sell out early.

MOTO WARS ( was created by Coy Jordan, and is produced and owned in partnership with Media X International, Inc., and RUSH Sports and Entertainment, producers of the Crusty Demons Global Assault Tour 2004.  For more information on MOTO WARS, contact Paul Taublieb at Media X International, or (310) 589-0022.

About RUSH Sports & Events International

Founded by Michael Porra in early 2003, RUSH Sports & Events International is the Australian-based global tour promoter of the Crusty Demons Tour.  Porra has many years of experience in the sports industry, including three years as the General Manager of IMG Australia and Chief Executive of Sporting Frontiers Australia.  Dan Hirsch, founder and president of On Board Entertainment, which has produced hundreds of action sports events, music festivals and national tours over the past nine years, heads Rush Sports U.S.

Media X International, Inc. (MXi) is a Malibu, CA-based television and live event production Company with extensive experience in action sports shows and competitions.  For more information go to