Moto-X 338 Announces Successor To Bernie Yelin

Diane Peebles takes over the reigns of the Southwick national

SOUTHWICK, Mass., (June 7, 2004) ¿ When the National Promoters Group lost legendary promoter Bernie Yelin this past March, the entire motorcycle industry paused to remember a man who donated a huge portion of his life to growing the sport of motocross in the New England States.

Yelin had dedicated more than 30 years to the Moto-X 338 track and was instrumental in bringing the AMA Chevrolet Motocross Championship to the unique `all sand¿ facility for the first time back in 1976. So from the legions of amateurs that challenged the Moto-X 338 track, and from the first winner (Pierre Karsmakers) to the most recent winner (Ricky Carmichael), Yelin was certainly one of the men most responsible for helping introduce the region to the sport motocross and provide an exciting racing format – a region which produced such greats as Doug Henry and John Dowd.

¿First and foremost, Bernie was a very generous man who was always willing to give a helping hand to anyone,¿ said NPG member Diane Peebles. ¿He made Moto-X 338 what it is today.¿

Peebles, who began working at Moto-X 338 in the mid 1970s, started out as a ¿checker,¿ taking riders numbers at the finish line, is Moto-X 338¿s successor to Yelin. Working her way up through the ranks over the years, Peebles progressed to registration chairperson, working with the track referee on various issues, including everything from sign up athletes to running the race.

In 1993, several years after Moto-X 338 incorporated, Peebles became a co-owner/stockholder (along with seven other persons) of Moto-X 338. In addition to being the promoter for Southwick, Peebles still works as a secretary with a local race organization and continues to be an advocate of the sport of motocross. She, like every member of the Moto-X 338, still has fond memories of Yelin.

¿Bernie loved to dance,¿ said Peebles. ¿Not many people know this. He also had a great love for the outdoors and dogs. And in his younger days Bernie was a licensed electrician and always had a hand in repairing electrical equipment around the track.¿

Working close with Peebles this year, as he had in the past with Yelin, is Moto-X 338¿s track coordinator, Brad Belcher.

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