By Elmo

Inside the Staples Center, a jam-packed crowed anxiously anticipated the finals of the Moto X Step Up competition. Coming into the event, Ricky Carmichael was clearly a crowd favorite, however, Brian Deegan and Ronnie Renner were not going to lie down and let RC take a gold medal without putting up a fight. Mike Mason was the first rider to fall victim of the bar, knocking it down on both of his attempts. Although Mason was the first rider to be eliminated, he didn't let that get him down as he saluted the fans before calling it a night. The next two riders to find themselves watching from the sidelines were Deegan and Clowers. With three of five riders now out of competition, the battle for a gold medal was now between Renner and Carmichael. The bar was set at 32ft; both RC and Renner made it over without much trouble. Once the bar was set to 33ft, however, the G.O.A.T. launched himself well over the set height, putting all of the pressure on Ronnie. Unfortunately, Renner knocked the bar down as he was beginning his decent to the ground and slammed down on his left side. After all was said and done, RC walked away with a gold medal while Renner and Clowers took silver and bronze respectively.


1. Ricky Carmichael (SUZ)
2. Ronnie Renner (KTM)
3. Tommy Clowers (YAM)
4. Brian Deegan (HON)
5. Mike Mason (HON)