MOTO247.COM Launches Live Online Chat

Anaheim, CA — MOTO247 launched the first Online Chat for all Moto Riders Racers and Enthusiasts!!! Once you are signed in at all you need to do is click CHAT on the top menu and it’s on from there. Talk to everyone LIVE in the General Room or go to specific Rooms and talk LIVE to Dirt, Quad, Snow, Street, UTV, and Water members.

MOTO247 is the ultimate place for all Racers Riders and Enthusiasts to hang out. We support all Dirt Bikers, Quad Riders, Street Bikers, Snowmobile Riders, UTV drivers, and watercraft riders.

Create your own Profile, download videos and music, pimp your page with html. Message or Comment your friends or new friends. Search for members who ride at the same places or browse through members with the same interest. We have it all.

“Everyone I talk to wants a place where they can chat online while skimming through member’s profiles, and now with MOTO247 it’s possible MOTO247’s Casey Currie says. “We do what the Riders and Racers want, that’s what we are here for

For inquiries regarding MOTO247 contact Casey at or call at (714) 777-8842