“Motocross Evolution!

For the first time in Amateur Motocross history, Erv Braun has conceived a program that will unify amateur racing and change its future forever!

Guardian , a newly formed organization brought to you by Braun Entertainment, is raising the bar of amateur motocross in America. Through the Guardian infrastructure, both riders and events will be properly ranked. Riders will be scored, and events will be evaluated based on factory involvement, promotional attitude, venue quality, and consensus among amateur motocross families on a yearly basis. An event can lose its status, and be subject to elimination from Guardian’s “elite top 10 list. New events, however, will be strongly considered for future placement, keeping the amateur promotional interest in high gear.

Braun said, “Factories, sponsors, magazines, and several organizations are more than aware of the importance of grassroots amateur racing. Knowing this, Guardian will take the amateur world to the next level by standardizing, monitoring, and then rewarding the amateur riders with their own year-end awards presentation.

Preceding the year-end celebration, the Guardian organization will host a new mystery Amateur Motocross Event. The location, date, and title of the new event remain unknown until Guardian unveils its new “MOTODROID.

(An online contest to guess its location, date, and title is in the planning stage).

Braun said, “Our mystery event will complete the top ten list, and will join 2004’s other nine selected events, in what will be touted as the G.A.M.U.T. (The Guardian Amateur Motocross United Tour). The GAMUT is not a series, nor is Guardian a sanctioning body. Guardian is, however, a means to integrate and then calibrate the scoring differences between the sanctioning organizations. (A.M.A., N.M.A., G.N.C., and independents.)

Guardian’s objective is to harmonize conflicting class structures and age differentials through a unique and innovative concept Guardian calls “polyscoring. A complete polyscoring program guide will be available soon at all events.

The 2004 GAMUT and Guardian’s top ten list include:

  • The Spring Classic – Lake Whitney, Texas
  • G.N.C. Final — Mosier Valley (DFW), Texas
  • The World Mini Grand Prix — Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Mammoth Mountain — Mammoth, California
  • Grand National Championships — Ponca City, Oklahoma
  • A.M.A. Amateur National Championships — Loretta Lynn’s, Tennessee
  • Race of Champions — English, New Jersey
  • US Motocross Championships — Branson, Missouri
  • Winter National Olympics — Gainesville, Florida
  • Braun’s Mystery Event -?

The Guardian organization, the factories, the Sponsorhouse/Playground report, and a large faction of the amateur motocross industry agree on this selected list. There are hundreds of amateur events around the world and Guardian will monitor their growth, but in 2004, this is the whole GAMUT.

For more information call Guardian or Erv Braun at (607) 742- 9428.
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