Motocross Star Travis Pastrana Inspires New Sobe Label

Beverage Company Honors Team Lizard Athlete with New ¿Liz Fuel¿ Bottle

NORWALK, CT  (March 29, 2004) ¿ SoBe Beverages announced today that motocross legend and Team Lizard athlete Travis Pastrana has inspired the company¿s latest packaging change.  A new label design for Liz Fuel will begin hitting store shelves in early April, featuring the cartoon SoBe Lizard riding a motorcycle and boasting Travis Pastrana¿s number (199) on his back and on the motorcycle.  The lizard on the label is executing a ¿nac nac¿ ¿ a typical freestyle motocross trick.  The company also announced that the name for the strawberry banana flavored beverage will be shortened from ¿Lizard Fuel¿ to ¿Liz Fuel.¿


¿SoBe has made a huge commitment to motocross over the past several years,¿ said SoBe VP of Marketing, Tom Smallhorn.  ¿It¿s one of the most influential, trend-setting sports in the country today, and it appeals to our edgy core audience.  The new label design for Liz Fuel is a great way to leverage our strong relationship with Travis Pastrana and update our product packaging with a fun SoBe twist.¿

According to Pastrana, ¿It¿s certainly an honor to have a SoBe label modeled after me. Anything that supports the sport of motocross and shows people what it¿s all about is great.  SoBe¿s been a huge motocross advocate, and a strong supporter of me and my career.  The new Liz Fuel bottle is a fun way to tell the world about our relationship.¿

The new Liz Fuel bottles will start hitting store shelves in early spring, and the existing bottles of Lizard Fuel featuring the mountain biking graphic will be phased out in a soft conversion.  Retailers will be glad to know that there will be no change in UPC, product or ordering codes, and the product is expected to retail for the same price as existing SoBe 20 oz. beverages.