MotoX.TV Launch

MotoX.TV is the latest offering from the boys and girls at Emdee Promotions. Using state of the art technology MotoX.TV is a free to use, online, on demand, internet broadcasting channel that features streaming video programmes, made in house and showcasing the wealth of homegrown motocross talent currently shredding tracks, up and down the country.

`We believe it is time for something new, fresh and exciting to happen to motocross in the UK, without exposure companies are reluctant to get too heavily involved because their marketing and advertising budgets are best spent elsewhere but now we can reach a global market via the internet and offer excellent and affordable marketing solutions to everybody from individual rider sponsors to corporate giants that can sponsor complete programmes and put something back into the sport.¿

This system is designed to be free to the end user and we are working with all the governing bodies and race promoters to make as much material available as is possible. The upcoming Futurewest Supercross Series, interviews with Mike and Jeff Alessi, helmet cam footage from World Champion 85cc rider Steven Clarke are just a few of the visual delights to be made available over the forthcoming months.

New material and programmes will come online every week for download and we are hoping that people will contribute there own video footage to make this truly a motox channel for the motox community.

Visit us here: