Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Holiday GP

When we planned the 2012 Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Fall Cup schedule, we knew that there would need to be a weekend set aside for a Grand Prix, which is a holiday tradition in Southern California. Having it at Glen Helen made the most sense, as the massive sprawl of land would let us race on track, trail, and roads. The loop began on the National track, singled-tracked through the hills, dropped into the REM course, and hit the short-course track before coming back into the Talladega sweeper. Rains earlier in the week and overcast skies the day off may have seemed like a curse, but it made the track truly epic. Racers competed in a number of classes, including mini, vintage, novice, pro, and “Clydesdale,” and battled for 35 minutes (minis) and 45 minutes (all full-size bikes). With our first GP in the books, we are already planning for next year’s Muscle Milk TWMX Holiday GP.