Muscle Milk/TWMX Race Series Profile: Drew Bezanson

Drew Bezanson, 23
Truro, Nova Scotia, CAN
Sponsors: Red Bull, DK Bicycles, Fox, Toyota, GoPro, Skullcandy, Ethika, Rider Distribution, POC Helmets
The Transworld Muscle Milk Race series occasionally sees athletes from other disciplines come out to race and the fifth round of the Fall Series had BMX pro Drew Bezanson come out to compete at Glen Helen.  Bezanson is already a highly skilled rider on two wheels with his success as a BMX park rider and ramp competition.  He has had big success in major events such as the X Games and was a Transworld NORA Cup Ramp Rider of the Year in 2010.  Drew came on one of the more challenging days at Glen Helen after rain soaked the facility and created muddy conditions to start out the day.  Despite the abnormal track conditions, Bezanson pulled his helmet off after each of his 4 motos revealing a muddy smile and had a great time all day. 
Since we are motocross racers, can you give us a little background on what you do?
I am currently a professional BMX rider but I raced moto as a kid, that’s where I started, then just transitioned over to BMX and the moto definitely helped.
What were your major competitions this year and how did you do?
This year I had a really good year.  I did the X Games, the Dew Tour, Simple Sessions in Tallinn, Estonia.  I also did the Toronto BMX Jam.  The year started off real well, I won Toronto and I won Simple Sessions for the third year in a row.  I got 5th this year’s X Games, it’s the first X Games I’ve been able to fully ride and be healthy, so I was psyched on that.  I also won Ramp Rider of the Year for the Transworld NORA Cup awards.
What made you choose BMX over motocross?
Growing up as a kid I raced until I was 12 years old and I broke my leg pretty bad.  Then with the expense of motocross, BMX was the next best thing.  The thing with BMX was I could do it every day after school, but with moto my parents worked shift work so I was lucky if I got to ride once a week.  It was just the accessibility of BMX and not being able to afford moto.  It was a  smooth transition and it isn’t bad now. 
How did the skills from moto transfer over to BMX?
A lot of the bike control and just the size and speed factor in moto compared to when I transitioned to BMX it just felt slower and it helped me be confident and be able to jump bigger stuff.  It also helped to just go fast and have good bike skills. 
You picked one of the best days to come out to race Glen Helen when it is nice and muddy.  Have you ever rode here before?
First time at Glen Helen, first race this year, and it downpoured the last two days.  This is only the second race in the last two years, I did one last year, and they were both mud races.  I don’t know if I jinxed it or not but at the end of the day it is riding dirt bikes and it was so much fun.  It took all the pressure off, instead of wanting to be fast, if you went out and did a moto and stayed up, you were the happiest kid in the world. 
Is motocross a good distraction from your BMX schedule?
 Definitely!  Motocross is one of the things in life that I still have just as much passion for as riding a BMX bike.  I probably follow motocross way more than BMX.  Inside the Outdoors, the Transworld stuff, and I watch it almost religiously and I check the websites and look forward for new videos and things.  Through BMX there are some of the crossover sponsors like Fox and Red Bull I have been able to meet some of the motocross athletes and it’s rad to know them personally and it makes it even more rad to follow.
What other things do you do besides moto and BMX?
Sit in an airport.  In the winter time I go out and snowboard a little bit when I am back home in Canada.  But pretty much BMX and moto whenever I possibly can and hang out with friends and family.
What are your 2013 plans?
For 2013 X Games is going global so I am really looking forward to it.  They are going to have four stops all over the world starting with the first one in Brazil, second one in Barcelona, Spain, then Munich, Germany and then LA again.  I will do the Dew Tour and a few more European events as well.  Starting off 2013 I am going back to Canada and ride at an indoor bike park in Ontario called Joyride 150 and build some new stuff there and work on some film projects and work on some new stuff.  Just looking forward to being healthy and riding as much as I can in 2013.