Nick Wey
Dewitt, MI
The past year for Nick Wey has been no mystery as his crash and injuries from the Spring Creek crash were all over the headlines.  The opening round of the outdoors at Hangtown MX is right around the corner, and Nyk has been working hard at getting back to his race ready condition.   It was good to see Wey come out to our Muscle Milk TWMX Spring Cup round at Glen Helen this past weekend.  There is no practice that can replicate being on the starting gate for a race, even if it is a regional race, as compared to the outdoor nationals.  We caught up with Nyk after his first two motos to see what he thought about the Transworld MX race.
What brings you out to the TWMXRS race today?
I see a lot of the coverage and I am friends with Donn and a lot of the guys at Transworld, so I figured I would come out to their event today out here at Glen Helen.  I’ve been riding here a bunch so I figured I might as well come out and race.  It’s been fun so far.
What do you think of the race so far?  How does it compare to the races when you were an amateur?
The racing in Michigan where I grew up is pretty exceptional.  The tracks, obviously there is Red Bud which is a great track, but there are five or six other ones that are national caliber, so it was pretty swell growing up with awesome conditions.  This is similar for sure.  The first couple races out there the track was much smoother than what I’m used to on Thursdays, but it’s good to get the race intensity and get a couple starts.  If I was anywhere near race ready though, I would be out there racing supercross, so I know I have more work to do.  Today is kind of day to gauge where I am at and bike setup.  It’s just good to get out here and get some race intensity.
With the nationals a few weeks away, where do you put yourself in terms of being ready to race Hangtown?
I think we are probably 80% for sure.  Obviously I am coming off a pretty serious injury last year that took me out and off the bike for almost 8 months, so coming back from that has been tough, but I’ve been working super hard.  The Mafia Moto Crew brand has being growing strong, so I am happy with that and they are going to be the title sponsor for the nationals.  I also have great support from Tucker Rocky, MSR, Arnette, Pro Circuit, Mandingo Pickles and a bunch of good companies getting behind me.  I’m looking forward to finishing up my preparation a being ready for Hangtown.
You’ve had a chance to watch some of the faster classes here today, what do you think of the caliber of the competition?
I just watched the Novice class and I was pretty mind blown.  These guys are scrubbing and everything.  There are definitely some great riders out here.  Glad to see such great turnouts for the races here in Southern California. 
Do you think racing gets too serious at a young age for the kids and it loses its fun?
It could definitely happen, especially with how much coverage there is on TV.  Everybody wants to emulate what they see.  It’s definitely why everyone starts riding is because it is fun, but it is easy to lose track.  But that’s why I am here today, because it is fun and I’m having a good time.
What kind of advice do you have for kids who want to make racing a career?
It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  I guess it is the same thing we are talking about.  We’re seeing it all the way through the line.  I think that’s why there is so much competition in the pro ranks these days because these amateurs are taking it so seriously.  There are a lot of ex-racers out there that are putting these kids on the right path to succeed.  That’s another reason we have strong competition in the pro ranks is having such strong races and it is cool of Transworld to give it back with these events at venues like here at Glen Helen.
Thanks Nick for coming out.  Good luck in the nationals this year!