With the 2013 So-Cal Fall Cup coming to an end, the staff at TWMX figured it would be a great idea to have the penultimate round at Milestone MX Ranch. The last round held at the Riverside, CA motocross had a record breaking entry count with well over 600 racers. And with a good couple days of rain leading up to round five, riders knew the tracks were going to be in prime condition for racing. The Milestone MX track crew did an incredible job during those rainy days because there wasn’t a puddle in sight on either one of the race tracks and we owe this weekend’s racing to their hard works.

Vendor row was full of the goods this weekend! ODI brought out there new Emig grips for riders to purchase along with other ODI products like cuzis and handlebars. EKS Brand Goggles had everyone covered with their never ending supply of goggles, lens’, tear offs and their new Zip Off lens’. The Zip Offs come with an anti-stick lens, two rolls of film, a film visor and a ten pack of first turn tear offs. Basically they’re a roll off system with tear off posts integrated into the film cans, so you get roll offs and tear offs all in one piece- a great thing to have if sloppy conditions. Also, Etnies brought out their big rig to round five and had their newest shoes on display, plus, a ton of stickers for your bike and helmet.

EKS Brand Goggles brought out their newest product to this weekend’s Fall Cup round. The Zip Off lens is the best of both worlds with tear off posts integrated onto the roll off cans allowing for tear offs on top of the roll off strip. A pretty helpful item in messy conditions.

ODI Grips brought out some of their new Emig grips to this weekend’s event. Not only do they look cool, but they’re super comfortable and come in a variety of colors to suit your machine’s colors.

Jovan Pulgar was the guy to beat when it came to the Intermediate classes. Pulgar put on an absolute clinic with two moto wins in 450B, a 2-1 finish for the overall in 250B and a second overall in Schoolboy. Tristian Miller was hot on his tail in 250B, though. Miller went 1-2 for second overall in 250B, but was able to take the overall win in Schoolboy. The pros were absolutely flying around the soft and tacky main track making for intense racing. Sergey Astaykin and Viktor Bjorklund were the top dogs in 450A and Pro-Open. Astaykin was able to walk away with the overall 450A but had to settle for second place in Pro-Open. Bjorklund, though, finished with two moto wins in Open for the overall, but a 1-2 in 450A for second overall was his finishing standing for the day.

Jovan Pulgar was a man on a mission this weekend. Pulgar finished the day off with overalls in 250B and 450B and a second overall in Schoolboy.

Sergey Astaykin has blazing fast speed in every type of track condition and he truly showed his speed to the fullest this weekend with an overall in 450A and a second overall in Pro Open.

Viktor Bkorklund was another pro to have incredible speed this weekend. Both Bjorklund and Astaykin traded places numerous times in both 450A and Pro Open, but Bjorklund would have to settle for second in 450A. However, when Pro Open rolled around, Bjorklund had the hot lines and finished with a 1-1 to take the victory.

Great racing was had at this weekend’s Muscle Milk TWMX So-Cal Fall Cup round and we hope to see you at the sixth and final round, which will be had at Glen Helen on December 8th.