The Muscle Milk TransWorld Motocross Spring Cup kicked off with its opening round taking place at Cahuilla Creek MX in Anza, CA. The track held up despite 28 non-stop motos, thanks to the Cahuilla Creek track crew's efforts, and offered multiple line choices and options for racers to select. With talk of rain and other weather throughout the week, culminating with Sunday showers, many were skeptical as to what was in store for race day. Though the weather did hold out for the majority of the day, it was apparent that it was becoming a matter of “when it would rain” and not “if”. Scattered drops started to come as the final three motos hit the staging area, but luckily, the real rain did not begin until most had pulled out of the parking lot.

Vendor’s row was once again the spot to head to if riders needed any last minute parts or accessories. ZLT MX ID was on hand creating chest protector plates, jersey lettering, and neck-brace decals for racers that wanted custom identification kits. One Industries showed off their latest line of race gear and raffled off their newest helmet, the "Atom" to one lucky participant. BTO Sports and MTA had a full array of hard parts and racing accessories available for purchase, including chains, tires, grips and VP Racing Fuel. Almost any part that one would need on race day was available for purchase on vendor's row.

ZLT was on hand supplying racers with all the ID kits for jerseys and chestprotectors.

MTA was the supplier of all the bike parts needed for a good weekend of racing.

After a quick round of practice sessions, the racing got underway with a line-up of fast and talented competitors, including Travis Baker, Trevor Reis, Mike Sleeter, Bryce Harkey, and Christian Campos. The duels of Campos and Harkey primed the audience for the day's races, with Harkey sweeping Campos for the win in 450 Intermediate division. Baker and Reis thrilled the spectators with their four pro class battles, as Reis pulled the holeshot over the TLD rider in their first meetings, forcing Baker to work to cut the distance between the two. Baker would emerge victorious in both of the second motos and went on to take the overalls in both the Open Pro and 450 Pro classes.

Trevor Reis was one racer who kept Travis Baker on his feet every moto.


T-Bake was the front runner for his races and took home two Muscle Milk/TWMX trophies.


Bryce Harkey took home both overalls in the intermediate classes.

The mountain ranges and clear skies early in the day created a picturesque setting for the day's excitement to take place in and was a perfect kickoff for the Muscle Milk TransWorld Motocross Spring Cup. The six-stop tour moves to Pala Raceway, which will play host to the TWMXRS for the first time this coming Sunday.