Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Spring Cup 2012: Glen Helen

The fourth round of the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Spring Cup took place at the world famous Glen Helen Raceway on a clear and warm May weekend, and the track once again lived up to its reputation as a divider of skill levels. Though winds whipped through the hillside, the track crew efforts to water helped keep the circuit from becoming a dusty affair, which allowed for another day of racing in Southern California.


The dedicated vendor's row was once again the place to scope out the latest parts and accessories a racer would need at the track thanks to the presence of One Industries, MTA, and Kal-Gard. In addition to displaying their widely popular 2012 line of gear, One Industries gave away a number of free t shirts to all the racing mothers on hand as an early Mother's Day gift. MTA was the place to go if a trackside part such as tires, chains, and fuel was needed, as well as tire changes for those purchasing new Bridgestones on site. Kal-Gard and Kyle Lewis were again on hand to supply racers with the latest motocross ready chemicals, including chain lube and motor oil.

MTA was the distributor of all of the bike parts for the races.


One Industries was on hand displaying some of their 2012 gear and clothing line.

When racing began, it was clear to see who would be at the front of the pack in their respective classes. Kyle Fry, Chad Blackburn, and Tallon Lafountaine led the always massive Novice class throughout the day, with Fry and Blackburn being the commanding riders of the group. Jessie Huntley and Justin Jones ran the top two positions in the Intermediate ranks, and Jones netted the overall victory with 2-1 scores after Huntley suffered mechanical issues in the second moto. And in the Pro class, Dakota Kessler dominated the field after nabbing both holeshots and early race leads en route to an A class sweep.


Kyle Fry was once again one of the front-runners in the Novice class.

Jessie Huntley the moto one winner in the Intermediate class, but suffered bike problems in moto two taking home second overall.


Dakota Kessler made a clean sweep in his pro motos.

The final two rounds of the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Spring Cup series will take place in a double-header weekend at Competitive Edge in Hesperia, CA, on May 19th and 20th, with the Summer Cup to begin just weeks later.