Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series- Spring Cup 2012: Pala Raceway

The Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series first visit to Pala Raceway is one that is sure to be discussed for weeks to come. Saturday night showers soaked the facility just hours before the event was set to take place, but thanks to sunny Southern California skies and an outstanding track crew, it was quickly worked to perfection. The added moisture and the sheer number of bikes on the circuit resulted in a rutted but fast affair that tested a rider's every skill.


The fences were lined with trucks and campers of racers and fans alike, all of who roamed the vendor's row. The newest collection of gear from One Industries was seen both under the canopies and on the track, as many have begun to outfit themselves with the innovative color ways. Leatt-Brace was on hand with an array of new products and accessories for racers, including the redesigned GPX Club3, as well as a stock of parts for older models. Many racers were able to try the Bell Helmets Moto 9 in race conditions and felt the comfort and features of the groundbreaking lid in the heat of the moment. For those in need a trackside part or accessory, the MTA rig was stocked with all that one would want on race day, while ZLT MX ID customized the competitor's gear kits.


ZLT had everyone's back with their very own customized ID kit for their jersey or chest protector.


Bell Helmets was cool enough to bring out a bunch of their Moto-9 lids for the racers to test out during their actual races.

The racing on the track was what one would expect at a venue known for speed and excitement. Axel Hodges worked the Novice class with unmatched starts and dominating wins, while Brady Kiesel, Hunter Falk, Luke Reardon, and Desmond Spears battled for position in the 250 Intermediate ranks. Kiesel would sweep the class with 1-1 motos over his young and skillful competitors. Trevor Reis found a new foil in the second round of the series in Bryce Vallee, as he and the Yamaha mounted race swapped wins throughout the day. Both would be victims of a second moto accident and received an extensive list of injures after a mistake by Vallee caused a chain reaction that also included Dylan Shmoke.


Luke, little brother of Dan Reardon, was a major contender in the intermediate class.

Bryce Vallee was ripping all day until he, among others, suffered a huge crash in the second pro moto. Get well soon Bryce!

Trevor Reis has been a top dog in the pro class for the last two weeks. Unfortunately, he was another victim in the second pro moto pile-up. Get well soon Reis!

The Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series will take a two-week break and will resume at Hesperia, CA's Racetown 395 on April 22nd.