Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Summer Cup 2012: Glen Helen

The fourth round of the Muscle Milk/TWMX race series was hosted at none other, than Glen Helen Raceway. In the midst of August, The Summer Cup once again delivered what seemed to be one of the hottest days of the year. Plus, the day prior to the race saw a mid summer lightning and thunder storm, complete with rain, making the already extremely hot day even more humid. Though, no matter the typical Southern California weather, racers and family alike still showed up to the San Bernardino based outdoor style track.

In typical Glen Helen fashion, practice was purposely made to be a bit muddy to ensure a rough, rutted motocross track awaited racers in the later rounds of the race schedule. By the time racers lined up to the gate for moto 6, the track was already well on it’s way to looking like it had been through a National.

When the first gate dropped for the pros in moto 10, It was Garrett Potter with the holeshot and Lee Witt, Brandon Baker, and Jeremy Johnson following close behind. Witt would eventually get around Potter for the lead and brought that lead all the way to the checkers with Johnson in second and Potter in third. Gate two dropped for the 250 intermediate class and it was Dylan Merriam with the early lead, Brad Walker in second and Dylan Anderson foliowing a close third place. Moto 10 finished out with Merriam taking the win, along with every other one of his motos throughout the day, Walker in a close second place and Anderson in third.

Dylan Merriam put on a clinic this weekend, making a clean moto sweep of every class he entered.


The sweet sounds of Brad Walker's 250 2-stroke were present this weekend as he was tearing up Glen Helen. Walker had great speed in his races, but just couldn't make his way around Dylan Merriam for the win.


Lee Witt went 1-1 for the day in the lightning fast 450 pro class.

There was a ton of great racing at this weekend’s Muscle Milk/TWMX round, and we really hope to see you at round 5 for Summer Cup finale, which will be held at Cahuilla Creek MX on August 26. See you there!